A quarrel between two Syrian and Lebanese families sparked controversy among social media users, as a child quarrel turned into a battle involving between 70 and 80 people from both families.

Shabakat (2023/6/18) followed the details of the story that took place in Germany, where the two families are adjacent in the same building. After their children quarreled, the quarrel passed on to the parents, and each family summoned its members from all cities of Germany for the "Great Battle" and revenge in the city of Kastrup Rüxel.

The participants in the brawl used various weapons such as batons, sticks, knives and shabris, and one of them resorted to using his car to collide with all the other family's cars in a public parking lot.

For its part, the German security authorities intervened and sent more than 10 patrols to break up the fight and reinforcements from ambulances and a helicopter, and the authorities closed the place and prevented passage and arrested 20 people, and the search for the rest is still ongoing.

As for the injuries caused by the fight, they were multiple and ranged from light to severe injuries, as 4 light injuries were recorded, two severe injuries, in addition to a man with a knife stab wound in his abdomen and his life is threatened.

Wide interaction

Social media users reacted to the incident greatly, with activist Mido Yasser saying that such actions distort the image of Arabs and wrote, "By God, shame ... O stranger, be a writer, it is their right that this racism appears on us, I ask forgiveness from Almighty God. So there is a mistake on the part of the police and the laws are there."

As for the tweeter Ghaffar, he commented sarcastically, "The important thing is that the children played and spread the minds of Fairouz Shobdi in the country, may God evacuate the children."

Activist Susan tweeted, "Germany's movement was calm and depressing."

For his part, the tweeter Qutayba called for strict legal measures, saying, "It is better to withdraw residency, withdraw nationalities and deport ... With a ban on entering the European Union, they will become an example for both sides, any solution that is not conclusive will keep the problems and the tartars working."

It is noteworthy that the matter did not stop there, but renewed clashes in the city of Essen, which is located in the same state, and most of its migrants are from Lebanese and Syrian families.