In SVT's Document from within: Shameless, it appears that the law firm Arbetsrättsexperten signed agreements with their employees where, among other things, they risked being demanded for large sums of money if they resigned - even in cases where the employment was a probationary period.

The agreements also meant that anyone who, for example, did not charge enough, could be liable to pay. In the case of sick leave, ordinary medical certificates were not accepted, but the employee's work ability was also to be assessed by the manager.

In addition, according to the employment contracts, employees risked high fines if they provided information about the company to the media and authorities. Any disputes between employees and the agency would be settled in a so-called arbitration court, which can be extremely expensive for the employee.

Despite freedom of contract – then contracts can be annulled

Since there is freedom of contract in Sweden, everyone is free to choose who they want to enter into an agreement with, and what terms and conditions will then apply, says Rebecca Henriques, employment lawyer at Almega. However, if you arrive at a new workplace and are faced with an employment contract with unfair terms, the contract can be annulled. This may, for example, concern conditions that pose a danger to life and health.

– Or something that prevents the employee from invoking their legal right. It could also be a condition that is contrary to law, for example, says Rebecca Henriques.

Can the employer require you to work despite a doctor's certificate? Can employees be required not to disclose information about the company to the media? Employment lawyer Rebecca Henriques goes through some scenarios to keep an eye on in the clip above.