• Miracle plane crash in the Colombian jungle: four children lost 40 days ago found alive in the Amazon
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Following the astonishing rescue of four indigenous children who roamed Colombia's jungle for 40 days, the military announced Saturday that it is continuing the search for Wilson, a sniffer dog that participated in the feat and is now lost in the thick vegetation.

"The search is not over. Our principle: we leave no one behind," the institution said on its Twitter account. "The soldiers are continuing the operation to find Wilson," he added, accompanied by photos of the six-year-old Belgian Malinois shepherd.

The dog was lost in the Amazonian thicket of the south of the country while tracking the four indigenous children aged 13, 9, 5 and one who survived the plane crash on May 1 and who were located on Friday.

Wilson was key in the search operations, because he found in the middle of the vegetation the bottle of Cristin, the youngest who turned one year old during the amazing journey through a habitat where jaguars, pumas, snakes and other predators roam. The children, weak but alive, were transferred to Bogotá, where they are hospitalized.

Astrid Cáceres, director of the state entity that watches over the rights of children, said Saturday that the minors indicated that they had encountered a dog in the jungle, without specifying if it was Wilson.

Lesly, 13, the oldest of the siblings, "told us about the puppy," she told reporters. He added that the children talk "about the puppy that they lost, that they do not know where it was and that accompanied them for a while."

The army registered the disappearance of the animal on Thursday and advanced a hypothesis: "Due to the complexity of the terrain, the humidity and adverse weather conditions would have been disoriented," the institution said in a bulletin.

The military also claimed to have "found footprints that would be of the minors and very close also those that could be of the dog."

The children's mother, an indigenous leader and the pilot of the aircraft were killed in the crash. The two younger brothers turned 5 and 1 year old during their journey through the jungle.

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