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Alberto Núñez Feijóo has chosen Galicia for the first mass act of the PP pre-campaign for 23-J and has opted for the same place where on March 2, 2022 he announced his leap into national politics to preside over the party, the multipurpose Fontes do Sar of Santiago de Compostela. It has not been an innocent election, but he seeks that his community serve as a shuttle to repeat in the general elections the results given by the four autonomous communities to which he presented himself in his land; Victory by absolute majority.

"We are going to get again what we always get here, an unappealable electoral victory at the polls throughout Spain," he said with conviction before a dedicated audience. "Although they spoil the bridge of the Apostle" -for the date of the electoral appointment-, "it is well worth celebrating the Day of Galicia with a new Government of Spain better for Galicia", he proclaimed in reference to a July 25 two days after the elections.

"I feel that I never come to Galicia because I have never left," said Feijóo, who has appealed to this feeling of union for his land as his political school, in which he learned "good politics", which is that of "public service above all" and "keep society together without fractures". The leader of the PP has used that example to contrast it with the divisions of the left and the independence movement.

Although he wanted to clarify that he does not like to boast because "it is the first step to lose" and that they cannot be trusted excessively, he has been convinced that "things are going well" and that "Galicia will be key for that majority". "We must go quite well," he said, in view of the attitude of the rest of the parties, in which he recognizes "things that happened here when there were elections and then we won", such as continuous insults. In recent days they have been called "soft," "ultra," "Nazi," "Jewish," "undocumented," or "hooligans."

Feijóo has also said that "the entire left is more concerned about making the lists than about its electoral program" because "they will not be able to govern" and has not forgotten the proposal of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to make six face to face with him. Something that seems "amazing" and makes him wonder why he wants them, if to say six times that he will not reach agreements with Bildu, that he will not agree with the independence movement or that he will not be able to sleep with Podemos, alluding to statements by the President of the Government prior to the previous general elections that he then breached.

For Feijóo, it would be "very interesting" for all Spaniards six face to face, but if they were between Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Diaz, Irene Montero, Arnaldo Otegi, Carles Puigdemont and Feijóo. And the sixth and "the most interesting" would be "between the Pedro Sánchez of 2018 and the Pedro Sánchez of 2023". That "would be insurmountable" and "we were going to see it until us".

Feijóo is sure that the leader of the PSOE "has assumed defeat" and "what is being seen these days is the final stroke of 'Sanchismo'". And, as good news, he has insisted that "there are 42 days left for all this to end" and to "turn the page on institutional deterioration, scandals, botched and cessions to the independence movement."

He has not forgotten the federal Committee of the PSOE held this Saturday, in which there were purges in the lists, candidates who resigned en bloc and men who did not attend, and extends his hand in case the PP wins and governs after 23-J: "The PSOE will have the historic opportunity to rebuild that party that existed before Sánchez".

Moderation and management

The president of the PP of Galicia and the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, made use of the trajectory of Feijóo as president for 13 years in the community, where he won four consecutive elections with an absolute majority, and disfigured the Government of Sánchez, "the one who only thinks about himself", who "has been crushing Galicia for a long time" because "they believe that by punishing Galicia they punish Alberto Núñez Feijóo".

This community, recalled Rueda, "always marked the political times, also in Spain" and wanted to transfer to Feijóo that "it counts on Galicia to put an end to this Government". And also his confidence that a future Executive of the PP in Spain led by him will show "moderation" as "feeling and way of doing things" and management as "philosophy" and "way of understanding problems and trying to find solutions".

The secretary general of the PP in Galicia, Paula Prado, opened the event by endorsing the phrase that Feijóo himself said 15 months ago, when he announced on this same stage his leap into national politics. "Spain is waiting for you, Spain needs Alberto Núñez Feijóo to be its president," he insisted, after recalling that the popular won the municipal elections, with 554,000 votes and being the most voted force in 191 municipalities, two out of three.

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