Inès Zeghloul (in Annecy) 14:41 pm, June 11, 2023

This Sunday morning, several thousand people gathered in Annecy to support the victims of the knife attack on Thursday. All gathered in absolute silence, with great emotion. A way for some to start "taking a step back" on this drama that has deeply marked the city.

Three days after the knife attack in Annecy, it is time for contemplation. If the vital prognosis of the two adults and four injured children is no longer engaged, the town hall organized at the end of the morning a citizen march in support of the victims and their relatives. A few thousand people gathered near the playground, the site of the tragedy, and in absolute silence.

"An event that will forever mark the life of our city"

The mayor of Annecy, François Astorg, climbed on the small platform installed on the lawn. "On June 8, in the very place where I am speaking to you, an event occurred that will forever mark the life of our city. Annecy has just experienced a tragedy that has affected our city, our country and the whole world," he said, before thanking the police and rescuers, while always having a sharp thought for the victims and their families.

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Lilian, pedal boat rental company, one of the heroes who fended off the assailant, is also there. "I know I'm going to need some time to digest this and move on. But it won't be easy. After having all these moments of exchange, I just want to go to the mountains, to be on my bike, quietly". Before adding that he hopes that this gathering "will be an end point. We will all be marked by what happened and we just have to take a step back," said Lilian.

"A gathering of warmth between people"

But a few minutes after the ceremony, it's hard to take a step back. "I can't help but cry," Marie-Noëlle whispers, her voice trembling. "It's more of a gathering of warmth between people. Now I am waiting to find out what they can do to prevent young people from being completely lost and losing their minds. He went crazy this man," she said.

And before drawing conclusions, before everyone resumed the course of his life, all sang in chorus La Marseillaise.