Östra Göinge municipality has taken inspiration from Gotland, where "Gotland's ugliest lawn" was named last summer.

There is a ban on irrigation in Höör, Hörby and Östra Göinge right now. But through the competition, Östra Göinge municipality wants to turn the ban into something fun, says Elin Lindblom, who is environmental and building permit manager at Östra Göinge municipality.

– We hope for a lot of entries – of course – and have actually already received one, the first day of competition, says Elin Lindblom.

Do you have any tips on how to get a really ugly lawn?

"You just leave it alone. If it is dry and it is exposed to the sun, it will get burned.

The jury that will decide at the end of the summer which lawn is the coolest in Östra Göinge includes officials from the municipality. Among other things, the winner receives a garden consultation.