It was just before 22 pm that the police announced that they had found a man with a gunshot wound in Solna. One of those who called the police told us that the perpetrator must have left the scene on a scooter.

The gunshot wounded man was taken by ambulance to hospital and the condition of the injuries is still unclear.

Shortly thereafter, another man with a gunshot wound was found in a residential area not far away. He too was taken care of by paramedics and went to hospital. This man's injury status is also unclear.

"We are on site gathering information and trying to find out what happened," says police spokesperson Tove Hägg.

Two attempted murders

The ages of the two men remain unclear. The police are currently unable to say whether any of the men are already known to the police.

"We are classifying both incidents as attempted murder," says Towe Hägg.

The police are working to find out what happened by talking to people who may have heard or seen something of importance to the investigation.

The police have made cordons on site and police technicians are investigating the scene.