• Venezuela The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court considers that there was a "systematic attack" against the civilian population

"Now we will be able to work more closely in the country," said Karim Khan, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), after signing with Nicolás Maduro the second memorandum of understanding at the Miraflores Palace. In this way, the main objective of Khan's third trip to Caracas was fulfilled: the opening of an office in the Venezuelan capital when the ICC maintains the process for crimes against humanity against the high hierarchs of Chavismo.

"We already have the location of the office, we will be able to come more often," added Khan, against whom the international arrest warrant made from Russia last month has not been complied with, despite Vladimir Putin being Maduro's main international ally.

With this approach, the prosecutor intends to provide technical assistance and training to the Bolivarian regime "so that it can fulfill its obligations." Hours before the prosecutor's landing in Caracas, the Maduro government announced the creation of a detention center, which it has baptized with the name of Nelson Mandela.

"It is a favorable step," Maduro congratulated himself after a trip that had passed semi-hidden to the country, with total secrecy beyond some images in the regime's propaganda media. "We have achieved a great consensus. Venezuela is open to the world to defend our truth above the lies that are repeated and repeated," the president charged.

The investigation opened in The Hague into extra-summary executions, torture, arbitrary detentions, enforced disappearances and sexual violence against detainees is at a turning point, as once all the briefs have been received, the next step must decide on the prosecutor's request to resume the investigation. If this happens, the process will be on the threshold of the trial phase.

Khan, in his meeting with Maduro, acknowledged that there are "disagreements", despite the "credit" granted with the opening of the office. "He drank a lot of coffee, he didn't sleep, but the result is important," said the ICC prosecutor, who has suffered a strong smear campaign from Venezuela and its allied countries after ensuring that there are systematic violations of human rights.

"In a country where human rights are guaranteed, you don't need an ICC office," said lawyer Joel Garcia, a well-known human rights activist.

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