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There is no longer photoshop to hide it. During her most recent appearance, at the wedding of Sol Medina and Pedro Domínguez, held in Seville, Isabel Preysler drew attention for adelgadez as extreme as worrying. Because, beyond aesthetic considerations (for tastes, colors), what is clear is that Tamara Falcó's mother (Chabeli, Enrique, Julio José and Ana) walks again for that historical minimum of kilos that already touched a decade ago, coinciding with the death of her sister and the stroke of her husband, at that time, Miguel Boyer.

In those days, it was said that the always thin ex-wife of Julio Iglesias and Carlos Falcó, was 'drier' than ever due to worries and very strong pills that the doctor had prescribed to mitigate her migraines and that, apparently, lost weight.

Perfectionist to the point of obsession and slave to an image that has made her the queen of couché paper, the truth is that, beyond personal bad streaks and medications, the fact that Isabel Preysler looks at 72 years old the lean figure of a teenager is not something casual and, what is more alarming, far from healthy.

"Excessive thinness is bad at any age. It should be clarified that the body mass index is considered normal if it is between 18 and 25%. Whenever you are below these parameters, you should investigate if there is an organic cause that explains it and remedy it to gain weight, "explains to LOC María Amaro, a leading specialist in Nutrition.

Isabel Preysler at the wedding of Sol Medina and Pedro Domínguez on June 3, 2023GTRES

Mirror to imitate

In his opinion, "I think that, in addition to those headaches or a possible bad personal time, there is something else to explain an extreme thinness that, in my opinion, should not be justified because, in the end, it is a public figure and, as such, it is the mirror of many people who will try to imitate it. "

When contemplating his increasingly thin presence, it is irremediable not to think about those odious dichotomies before which, traditionally, women are placed when 'reaching a certain age': face or ass? To ajamarse or to chajamarse? "The thing of ajamonarse or amojamarse begins to forge from the age of 40 or 45 because, when reaching that age, the level of female hormones will begin to decrease, causing a whole series of changes in our body and, of course, in our emotions. At this stage, maintaining muscle tone or facial structure will be much more complicated, due to the decrease in estrogen level. The skin becomes much thinner and the tendency to dehydrate us is greater, "says Amaro.

But it doesn't stop there. "We synthesize less and less collagen – a protein that, among other things, makes our skin smooth – in the dermis and wrinkles begin to appear. In addition, fat begins to 'reposition' in other places (arms, neck or abdomen), modifying our body composition, "continues the specialist.

Isabel Preysler, Tamara Falcó and Ana Boyer at the wedding of Álvaro Gomis and Lucía Domínguez VegaGTRES


What can we do to mitigate, as far as possible and without scratching ourselves, the consequences of the passage of time in our body? Specialists are very clear: "The goal is to try to take care of the skin from the inside, not only drinking plenty of water, but also with a healthy and balanced diet."

And how should we eat so that everything does not fall apart? Well, it seems that the strict macrobiotic diet that Isabel Preysler was so fond of is not exactly the most suitable to keep 'things in place'. As Amaro insists to LOC: "The key is to prioritize the consumption of proteins of high biological value (especially eggs and also, fish, lean meats or, in the case of vegetarians, legumes), which are the secret to nourish our muscles and achieve, in this way, not only that our bones are more protected and our metabolism works at full capacity (we must not forget that the more muscles, more calories are burned even at rest), but also that our buttocks or even our cheekbones stay in place. And, of course, do not forget, and this is very important, complex carbohydrates (which are mainly found in legumes, tubers, seeds, etc.) and healthy fats (in which avocado, blue fish, etc. are rich)".


So far, what we should do at the table. What about the gym?" Instead of crushing ourselves with cardio routines to lose weight, we should focus on strength training because our priority has to be to maintain the volume of our muscle mass. "

Whichever way you look at it, it is clear that insisting on showing off a teenage body at age 70 does not rent. "A cult of the excessive body is being rendered. Trying to stay at 70 as well as at 30 is not, whichever way you look at it, healthy. Virtue is not in not growing old, but in being healthy," Amen.

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