The picture shows Feng Wenge, Secretary of the Tianshui Municipal Party Committee (middle), taking a group photo with the organizer team after visiting the joint exhibition. Photo by Zhong Xin

Lanzhou, June 6 (Zhongxin Net) -- "This is an exhibition with a 'taste'. Li Jiangjiang, a resident of Tianshui City, Gansu Province, was moved after seeing the exhibition. Tianshui croak, cherry, peach, pulp water surface, can tea... These scenes of local food and folk culture are re-expressed through art forms, evoking memories and warmth from her childhood.

From June 6th to June 5th, the joint exhibition of Zhongxin Guanlong News Report and Calligraphy Painting and Video Works was exhibited in Tianshui, Gansu Province. Even in the face of the college entrance examination, the pace of people going to the exhibition hall has not decreased but increased, and many parents have traveled in pairs and threes to Tianshui Art Museum while waiting outside the school, and enjoy this news + ancient poetry, calligraphy, painting, photography fusion exhibition.

The picture shows Vice Mayor Hu Zhiyong (first from left) and Wang Xiaojuan (second from left) visiting the exhibition. Photo by Wei Jianjun

Tianshui has "five major cultures" such as Dadi Bay culture, Fuxi culture, early Qin culture, ancient battlefield culture of the Three Kingdoms and cave culture, Maijishan Grottoes are known as the "Oriental Sculpture Art Exhibition Hall", listed in the World Cultural Heritage and National Natural and Cultural Double Heritage List, there is the Ming Dynasty architecture Fuxi Temple and Fuxi created the site of Bagua Guatai Mountain.

Tianshui's best hand is the "cultural brand": known as the "hometown of the Xi Emperor", it is a holy place for Chinese people around the world to find their roots and worship their ancestors; It has a history of more than 8000,3000 years of civilization, more than 2700,<> years of written history, and more than <>,<> years of city building; "From Tianshui, Know the World", which comes from the homonym of "Travel Tianshui, Know the World", is also the theme brand launched by Tianshui City before creating the integration of cultural tourism.

At the exhibition site, an ancient poem related to Tianshui, "The mountains and valleys should be heard, and the wind and water should rise." ”

From Song Sushi's "Houchibi Fu", the original meaning is to describe the echo sound bright, but also metaphorically this sound and each other, cooperate with each other. The reporter of the Gansu Branch of China News Service focused on the local integrated circuit packaging and testing industry, modern characteristic agriculture, integrated development of culture, tourism, agriculture and health, transformation and upgrading of advanced manufacturing, and rural revitalization agricultural stories, etc., and presented the agglomeration and driving effect of "mountains and valleys" in the construction of Tianshui, a sub-central city in Gansu Province.

The exhibition is organized by the Gansu Branch of China News Service, together with the Institute of Calligraphy of Lanzhou University, Bazi Painting and other institutions and industry professionals, inviting a number of calligraphers and painters from all over the country to explore the integration and expression of innovative reporting and traditional calligraphy and painting art in combination with the news works written daily by China News Service. Yang Qingming, executive deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Tianshui Municipal Party Committee, concluded after seeing the exhibition: Zhongxin Guanlong is impressive.

The picture shows German tourists visiting the exhibition. Photo by Wei Jianjun

The exhibition is divided into five chapters: "The Word of the Week", "The Weekly Painting", "The Twenty-Four Solar Terms", "Video Works" and "International Communication", and selects a poem, a painting, a picture, or a similar and life-related news work "Yiwen Shishu", or accompanied by humorous and catchy oil poems, which can be remembered at a glance.

Li Wei, a citizen of Tianshui, said that he often comes here to see exhibitions, and this is the first time that this exhibition combining calligraphy, painting, photography and journalism has promoted Tianshui from different angles, and he plans to take his grandson to see it later to learn more about Tianshui. He said, "I hope that your exhibition will bring the culture of Tianshui to more and further places." ”

In recent days, in addition to the endless stream of local people coming to see the exhibition, Tianshui Art Museum also welcomed two "foreign faces", as soon as they entered the hall, they picked up their mobile phones to start shooting, and scanned the QR code of the exhibits, downloaded the China News Network APP, and browsed related news works in detail. Yusuf Gunes, who does the e-commerce industry, said that Tianshui cherries are delicious, it is very relaxing, the people are very warm, the exhibition is more interesting, through Tianshui, you can learn a lot of information about Chinese civilization.

The picture shows Tianshui residents visiting the exhibition "Video Works". Photo by Wei Jianjun

"Walking on the road, I was still thinking that the words of the China News Agency exhibition are generally news works, but I didn't expect it to be so rich, in the end, it is the big hand of the central media to unite everyone from all walks of life." Wang Xiaojuan, vice mayor of Tianshui City, said that after seeing the exhibition, it was eye-opening and refreshing, and the more I looked at it, the more happy I was, and the beautiful scenery and food of Gansu and the primary, secondary and tertiary industries were all in sight. ”

The joint exhibition was sponsored by the Gansu Branch of China News Service, organized by the Gansu Branch of China News Service International Communication Group, co-organized by the Publicity Department of the Tianshui Municipal Party Committee and the Tianshui Art Museum, and supported by the Bank of Gansu and Hongchuan Wine Industry. The calligraphy works in the touring exhibition are provided by the Institute of Calligraphy of Lanzhou University and are free and open to the public. After the Tianshui exhibition, it will also be exhibited in Dingxi, Pingliang, Qingyang, Linxia and other cities and prefectures, as well as Lanzhou New District. (End)