• 23-J Sanchez's first face-to-face with the critical barons: "The Federal Committee is not going to be as peaceful as it should be"
  • Barons Ferraz's changes in the lists of Page, Puig and Lambán cause "a lot of discomfort" in the PSOE

Emiliano García-Page and Javier Lambán will not finally attend the Federal Committee of the PSOE this Saturday after the controversy over the changes that the party leadership has made in the electoral lists sent by their federations. In the case of the president of Castilla-La Mancha his team had said that "in principle" he planned to attend the meeting at the headquarters of the party in Madrid, while that of Aragon had not come to confirm.

Nor will Adrián Barbón, the socialist leader who will revalidate his mandate at the head of the Government of Asturias, Adrián Barbón. In his case he had a previous personal commitment, but he has sent a delegation of the socialists of his federation to be represented. "There is no discrepancy," they say.

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