Jean-Luc Boujon, edited by Yanis Darras // Photo credit: OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE / AFP 07:23, June 10, 2023

Almost 48 hours after the knife attack that took place in a playground in Annecy, Christians in the region were called to pay tribute this Friday evening to the victims, during a large mass in the cathedral of Saint-Pierre in Annecy. On the spot, the emotion is still alive.

After the amazement, place to emotion and meditation. After the knife attack in a playground in Annecy on Thursday that injured four young children, a mass in tribute to the victims was celebrated Friday night in the Saint-Pierre cathedral in Annecy. In the grounds of the religious building, hundreds of people came to meditate. From the beginning of the celebration, the bishop of Annecy, Monsignor Yves Le Saux, asked for a prayer for the victims, "so that the surgeons who treat them do the best possible".

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A prayer also addressed to children, "parents and adults who have been affected. This is first of all why we are here and we are also here to entrust our pain to God himself," he continued before the faithful. Still very shocked by the attack in such an emblematic place of their city, the inhabitants of Annecy needed this moment of communion all together for the children.

"We were there the day before"

"To be together like this at a mass. It's beautiful, it's moving," says one of the faithful present in the Cathedral, at the microphone of Europe 1. "It was very good. And then, with my family, we prayed for the children who were injured yesterday," added a little girl.

"We were there the day before. So we also think it could have been us," says a mother a little further. At the exit, many smiles among the participants, happy that this mass took place, but also to know that the condition of the four little victims was now stabilized.