Linfen, June 6 (Ren Lina) Overlooking the urban area of Linfen, Shanxi, the Fenhe River runs through the city like a jade belt, and the prosperous splendid bloom of Linfen, a thousand-year-old city, is everywhere around the banks of the Fenhe River. However, it is such a mother river that nourishes the residents on both sides of the river, once a sewage flow, after the environmental improvement of the Linfen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, this river has been "reborn", "black water" has become "clear stream", through the city scenery picturesque, now it has become the "water living room" of Linfen city.

Linfen is a heavy industrial city, due to production emissions, the beautiful Fenhe River was once scarred, smelly, and water control, which became the most urgent "voice" of the people on both sides of the strait. In the face of the sewage flow of the Fenhe River, the encroachment of various illegal buildings on the river mudflats, and the dirty and poor environment, the decision-makers of Linfen City are soberly aware that if the city's inland rivers are eclipsed, Linfen will also lack vitality and aura.

"One river clear water, splendid on both sides" has become the "water meeting room" of Linfen city. Photo by Li Dianping

After the Linfen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government eliminated all obstacles, actively sought the intrinsic connection between ecological development and urban fabric, requisitioned 3600,40 mu of land, demolished 10,6 square meters of various illegal buildings in accordance with the law, built bridges across the river, and built riverside highways; The treatment area is 17.5 square kilometers, the treatment length is 6 kilometers, of which the green area is 4.16 square kilometers, the water area is 42 square kilometers, and the urban greening coverage rate has increased by <> percentage points to <>%, turning the former Fenhe River into a cultural and ecological scenic spot of Fenhe in Linfen City with open water, scattered green plants, and cleanliness.

Linfen citizen Jia Gensheng witnessed the changes in the ecological environment of the Fenhe River Basin and watched the Fenhe River be treated step by step. On the 9th, he told reporters that the Fenhe Cultural and Ecological Scenic Area has changed greatly, from sewage and garbage everywhere to become more and more watery, green and beautiful.

The ecological environment of Linfen City continues to improve, and the waters of the Linfen River have become a paradise for more and more migratory birds. Photo by Li Dianping

In the Linfen Fenhe Cultural and Ecological Scenic Area, many residents take their children to stroll, they said, "The air quality here is good, I often bring my children here to play, and the ecological environment full of flowers and plants, clear water and grass is a good place for children to get close to nature."

In 2023, Linfen Fenhe Cultural and Ecological Scenic Area will add Persimmon Ruyi Forest, Xiangyun Plunge Beach, Fenhe Gourd Garden, Central Partition Gourd Belt, Kyushu Shuanghua Realm, Yaojing Ruyi Road, Clean Government and Clean Pool, Win-win Qiliupo, Taiji Lake Wonderland, Wanshou Mountain and other characteristic landscapes, and many beautiful scenery have become "Internet celebrity check-in points", attracting a large number of tourists to visit.

With the continuous improvement of the ecological environment of Linfen, the waters of the Fenhe River have become a paradise for more and more migratory birds. In the Fenhe Cultural and Ecological Park, you can see more than 150 species of migratory birds such as cuckoos, swans, geese, budgies, swallows, egrets, herons, wild ducks, cranes, storks, snow geese, black-necked cranes, and orioles.

Fan Weisheng, secretary of the party group and director of the Fenhe Cultural and Ecological Scenic Area Service Center in Linfen City, said that the scenic spot focuses on improving the diversity, stability and sustainability of the ecosystem, insists on not applying pesticides to green plants, and uses organic fertilizers to not over-clean weeds and trees, so that some naturally growing weeds, grass seeds and insects can just be used as food for migratory birds.

The Linfen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government practice the concept of green development with embroidery efforts and deeply build an integrated ecological and cultural position in Jingcheng. Today, the Linfen River Ecological Scenic Area has realized the construction of economic belt, cultural belt, ecological belt and green belt, showing the world the beautiful picture scroll of "clear water in one river, splendid on both sides of the river", and has become the city's "water living room" and the "first destination" for foreign travel tourists. (End)