Yann Moix SEASON 2022 - 202309h00, June 10, 2023

In the middle of the night, listeners freely indulge in Yann Moix's attentive and benevolent ears. No judgments or taboos, a frank conversation but also answers to the questions that listeners ask. A moment of exchange and sharing conducive to confidence to leave with a lighter heart.

  • 23h09 / 23h27 

Dr. Nadia Volf demonstrates that acupuncture can help stop tobacco addiction.

  • 23h28 / 23h45 

Dr. Nadia Volf explains how to promote the longevity process with acupuncture.

  • Anaële Maman 23h45 / 23h49 

Anaële Maman talks about the law of the Son of Sam in the Free Antenna.

  • Marie 23h49 / 00h08

Marie has atrial fibrillation. She asks Dr. Nadia Volf for advice.

  • 00h08 / 1h00

Dr. Nadia Volf talks about the benefits of acupuncture and natural resources. Writer Nathan Devers intervenes.