In southern Ukraine, where a dam burst and large-scale flooding occurred, President Zelensky revealed that securing drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people is being hindered.

UN agencies are calling on Russia to allow operations on the ground, saying they cannot provide assistance in Russian-controlled areas.

In Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine, the dam of the Kahouka Hydroelectric Power Plant collapsed on the 6th, causing large-scale flooding.

According to IOM = International Organization for Migration, more than 3600,2 houses have been damaged in the area northwest of the Dnipro River in Kherson Province.

Russian officials also said more than 2000,<> buildings were flooded in Russian-controlled areas.

Ukrainian President Zelensky updated his social media on the 9th, revealing that securing drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people in the affected areas was greatly hindered, and strongly condemned "Russia must be held responsible for deliberate crimes against humans, nature, and life itself."

On the other hand, a spokesman for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said on the 9th that the Russian government is refusing to provide assistance in Russia-controlled areas, and called for a response, saying, "We repeatedly request that access to the affected areas controlled by Russia be allowed."

In addition, a representative of OCHA = United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Coordination Office, which is in charge of assistance activities on the ground, said, "The critical situation continues to worsen, and the focus is on how to contact people in Russian-controlled areas," and emphasized the stance of tenaciously negotiating with Russia for assistance on the ground.