London, June 6 (ZXS) -- On June 9, local time, Chinese Ambassador to Britain Zheng Zeguang responded to the recent so-called "de-risking" of China by the United States and the G6 when attending a symposium of Chinese and British businessmen and academics.

Zheng Zeguang pointed out, who is the creator of the risk? It is the United States, not China. For a long time, the United States has frequently imposed unilateral sanctions and "long-arm jurisdiction" on other countries. In 2008, the subprime mortgage problem in the United States led to a global financial crisis. In recent years, the United States has implemented quantitative easing, balance sheet reduction, interest rate hikes and other violent actions, which objectively led to high inflation and cost of living crises in many countries. Recently, the United States has also introduced protectionist industrial policies that include massive subsidies. The actions of the United States have disrupted the global economic order and posed serious risks to world peace, stability and prosperity.

In sharp contrast, Zheng Zeguang said, from 2013 to 2021, China's contribution to world economic growth reached an average of 38.6% per year, exceeding the G2023 combined. The International Monetary Fund predicts that China's contribution to world economic growth is estimated to account for one-third of the world in 140. Today, China is a major trading partner of more than 3 countries and regions, with US$2 million of Chinese direct investment going to the world every day, and more than 3000,4 foreign-funded enterprises settling in China every month. China's more than <> million middle-income groups are expanding. China is the world's most potential consumer market. It is clear that China's development brings great opportunities, not challenges or risks, to world peace, stability and prosperity.

Zheng Zeguang stressed that the "de-risking" and "decoupling" of the United States and its allies against China are essentially the same as those of China, and they are all attempts to obstruct China's scientific and technological progress and economic development and contain China. It violates market rules and the trend of the times, and will bring serious harm to the world, including destroying the global industrial chain and supply chain, hindering global scientific and technological progress and economic development, and may lead to the division of the world. It grossly underestimates the strong determination, strong ability and high resilience of the Chinese people to achieve the goal of national rejuvenation, and is doomed to failure. Chinese people are unswervingly promoting Chinese-style modernization in accordance with the grand blueprint drawn up by the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. No force can stop the progress of the Chinese people.

Zheng Zeguang expressed the hope that people of insight from all walks of life in the UK will grasp the general trend of world development, recognize the serious harm of the so-called "de-risk" to China, adhere to the general direction of dialogue and cooperation, adhere to WTO rules and the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results, expand new areas of cooperation, create new highlights of cooperation, and better benefit the Chinese and British people. (End)