Taipei, 6 Jun (ZXS) -- A well-known private chain kindergarten in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, was recently accused of letting disobedient children take "rainbow potions" containing sleeping pills, which has attracted public attention. On the 9th, the New Taipei City Government held a press conference to inform that 9 young children have been detected with trace amounts of the drug phenobarbital residue, and whether it is related to feeding drugs will be determined by the prosecution investigation.

Comprehensive Central News Agency, Lianhe Pao and other Taiwan media reported that Taiwan listed phenobarbital as a "third-level controlled drug" and "third-class drug", which was used in the early treatment of severe epilepsy, and the related indications were insomnia, sedation, and induction of anesthesia. Long-term use of the drug will be dependent, and withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, and restlessness will occur when discontinued.

The case stemmed from April this year, when several parents of the kindergarten discovered that their children had a grumpy temper at home. Some children reported that during their time in the kindergarten, they drank "rainbow potion" not only once a day, but if they did not want to drink it, they would be locked up in the toilet by the teacher. After the parents took the children to the hospital to test their urine, they found that the urine contained the values of sleeping and sedative drugs, and suspected that the teacher had fed the children unknown drugs for a long time.

According to reports, on May 5, the New Taipei District Prosecutor's Office received a police report that on the 15th, the prosecutor instructed the police to search the kindergarten and the residence of the female teacher surnamed Zhao, and brought back Zhao Nu for interrogation, and paid 18,2 yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below).

At present, 67 of the 28 children in the kindergarten have been tested, of which 8 children have a small reaction to drugs, the police believe that it is necessary to expand the search and investigation, and launched a second wave of operations on June 6, the soldiers searched in 8 ways and notified the principal surnamed Peng and other 9 defendants to the case to explain, after the retrial, it was learned that the principal surnamed Peng paid 5,5 yuan on bail, and the remaining 4 teachers paid bail for 2,3 to 9,3 yuan respectively, and notified <> teachers to the case on the <>th, which is currently being questioned by the police.

According to reports, 17 parents have filed complaints against the kindergarten. The New Taipei City Education Bureau announced that the private kindergarten was revoked, the establishment permit was revoked on June 6, and the maximum fine of 12,15 yuan was imposed for violating the Early Childhood Education and Care Law. (End)