Changsha, 6 June -- Young people from many countries decoded the "Changhong" password of Changsha, a "net celebrity."

Written by Zhang Xueying Fu Xiao

In the Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Changsha, Hunan Province, Iraqi student Zhao Na is concentrating on "touring" the scenic spots in Hunan in the immersive CAVE experience space. In front of him, the four screen scenes of front, bottom, left and right rotate, taking him to "fly" over Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie and "overlook" Yueyang Dongting Lake and other beautiful scenery. "Malan Mountain is a window to show China's Changsha's scientific and technological strength, and this visit has given me a more intuitive understanding of China's scientific and technological strength." Zhao Na said that he would share the small video he recorded with his family and friends to introduce them to Changsha's scientific and technological power.

International students test drive an excavator. Photo by Zhang Xueying

On the 8th, young people from Ecuador, Venezuela, Pakistan and other countries along the "Belt and Road" participated in the "Tour Changsha, Taste Changsha, Speak Changsha" activity, visit the "Internet celebrity" Changsha, check in the Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, visit Hunan Mifen Street, watch and learn the traditional Hunan drama Huagu Opera, experience the unique charm of the "Internet celebrity" Changsha in an all-round way, and decode the "Changhong" password of Changsha.

"When I first came to Changsha five years ago, there was only one subway here, but now it has opened six, so it is very convenient to travel." Referring to the development and changes in Changsha in recent years, Dai Yuxiang, a Pakistani student studying clinical medicine at Hunan Normal University, opened the chatterbox. "As an important node city of the Belt and Road, Changsha provides many development opportunities for other developing countries, and I plan to go to Central South University to continue my master's studies, hoping to have the opportunity to stay in Hunan."

In the eyes of Ecuadorian student Andrey, the charm of Changsha lies not only in its vigorous vitality, but also in its plain and friendly fireworks. Andre introduced to reporters that she has been in Changsha for eight months and has successfully checked in "Internet celebrity spots" such as Orange Island and Yuelu Mountain in the company of friends. "Changsha not only has beautiful food, but also local friends are warm and hospitable, which makes me feel 'at home'."

"In the past, I used to learn about China through Twitter, Facebook and other platforms, and when I actually entered China, I was even more shocked by its development. Although I have only been in Changsha for three months, I feel deeply in love with the city. Duran, a Venezuelan student studying abroad, said that he will make full use of the opportunity to study in Changsha and share the real Changsha with China with more friends.

International students (second from left and second from right) watch and learn about the traditional Chinese drama Huagu Opera. Photo by Zhang Xueying

"Changsha's cultural life is very rich." Sarah, a Syrian student, stops to watch the cultural and creative products displayed in the Changsha Museum. In her view, exquisite cultural and creative products are the key to guiding people to understand the deep culture, and Changsha should make good use of the cultural and creative industry to promote Changsha to the outside world. "I will also let more people know about Changsha through social media platforms." Sarah said.

In this event, the traditional Chinese drama Huagu Opera, Hunan special food stinky tofu, Changsha historical and cultural district Chaozong Street and other experiential activities were also loved by international students, many international students picked up their mobile phones and posted their feelings on social media platforms such as WeChat and Douyin, hoping to let more people discover the "new Changsha". (End)