Around 13:55 GMT, the Dow Jones appreciated by 0.13%, the Nasdaq index gained 0.93% and the broader S&P 500 index took 0.46%.

The S&P 500 managed to finish Thursday at 20% above its low at the close of October 12, which means that Wall Street has moved into a "bull market", that is to say a bull market, an important psychological threshold for traders.

"The market is going through an interesting transition," said Quincy Krosby, an analyst at LPL Financial. "The mood has changed. Institutional investors, who were standing aside, are re-engaged."

"The question everyone is asking is whether the good streak will continue," Patrick O'Hare of said in a note.

"The answer will depend on economic data, corporate earnings growth and monetary policy," he said.

The indices triumphed Friday over the wait-and-see attitude that threatened the New York market before a week full of news, with the CPI price index on Monday and the meeting, Tuesday and Wednesday, of the US central bank (Fed), which is expected to have a status quo.

For Quincy Krosby, the fact that the movement of recent days has been accompanied by small and mid-caps, "more in direct contact with the economy", is another positive sign.

Since the end of May, the Russell 2,000, an index that includes small stocks, has gained more than 7%, while it was stable so far since the beginning of the year.

Another notable marker, the equity market was resilient to the rise in bond yields, driven by the surprise increase in the key rate of the Canadian central bank (BoC) on Wednesday.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds stood at 3.76%, against 3.71% the previous day at the close.

On the stock market, Tesla continued its acceleration (+5.63%), the day after the announcement that the manufacturer would open its network of charging stations to General Motors (+3.60%) from the beginning of 2024. GM also intends to integrate into its models, in 2025, the charging standard used by Tesla.

The news, on the other hand, weighed on the price of ChargePoint (-11.19%), operator of the first independent network of chargers in the United States.

In addition to Tesla, volatile stocks were celebrating, from Airbnb (4.74%) to cruise line Carnival (+2.89%), including the specialist in connected bikes and treadmills Peloton (+14.58%).

The flagship values of artificial intelligence were also celebrated, whether it was the manufacturer of graphics cards Nvidia (+2.59%), the specialist in data analysis Palantir (+4.02%) or the software publisher (+7.81%).

Target (-1.10%) suffered from a downgrade of recommendation from analysts at Citigroup, who are worried about a possible slowdown in sales of the supermarket chain, where the share of non-essential items (excluding food mainly) is higher than its competitors.

The specialist in the secure signature of documents DocuSign advanced (+1.37%), after the publication of results and forecasts above expectations, which reassured the market on the trajectory of the group in the exit of the pandemic.

Netflix was wanted (+1.84%), after the research firm Antenna reported a doubling of subscriptions in the United States in the week following the implementation of password sharing restrictions.

The manufacturer of electric vehicles Lordstown rose (+3.28%), after indicating that it was considering suing the Chinese giant Foxconn to force it to take a stake in its capital, as it had initially committed, before going back.

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