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SVT Västernorrland's review of the chemical company Nouryon today reveals that the reprisals that employees are afraid of concern a bonus system that can affect them financially.

The bonus system should be based on safety behaviour and production and the system is based on a five-point scale. Based on where on the scale you are placed, you will receive different amounts of money in the annual bonus. Everyone can have neither the highest nor the lowest grade.

"If you lose out to being a runner-up, then you can lose about SEK 10,000-11,000," says an employee at the workplace.

Employees: "Then we are not considered loyal"

According to several employees that SVT talked to, the grade is not determined on how well you perform your job, but partly on how loyal you are to the company.

"We work with safety. Then we want the best for the company and our colleagues, but then we are not considered loyal, says one employee.

The company's communications manager writes in an email to SVT that they believe that the system on the whole is well-functioning.

"The company has chosen to share its success with its employees based on individual performance and the company's performance. Working on the basis of a structured process creates conditions for employees and managers to have a dialogue about individual development, performance, job satisfaction, work situation and work environment, writes Annika Hilmersson in an email.

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Listen to Joakim Sandberg, professor of practical philosophy at the University of Gothenburg, talk about the problems he sees with the type of bonus system that Nouryon uses. Photo: SVT Grafik, Lars Wiklund/SVT