Stricter sorting requirements are behind the decision to close the recycling centres in Övre Soppero, Svappavaara, Kuttainen and Saivomuotka, according to the municipality's website.

Six miles one way

At the same time, the recycling centres in Karesuando, Vittangi and Abisko will be rebuilt. Those who have lost their central are referred there.

In Katarina Nutti's case, it is now about a nearly six-mile journey to the nearest recycling center. You can compare it to Gothenburg having to travel to Borås every time you throw away your pizza boxes.

– With a trailer it takes over an hour to Vittangi and to Karesuando it is the same thing, says Katarina Nutti to SVT Sápmi.

Especially in summer, the recycling centre in Övre Soppero fills up quickly. Therefore, it should remain, says Katarina Nutti. Photo: SVT

Mobile central promised

The decision was made by Tekniska verken in 2021, and the closure of Övre Soppero has been brought forward due to complaints and reports of littering. Deficiencies in the work environment are also stated as the cause.

On the website, the municipality promises a mobile recycling center to the places that will be without. This will start in the autumn, and residents in Övre Soppero are the first to test.

"It doesn't feel good"

Katarina Nutti thinks that those who live in rural areas are discriminated against.

"Those who live in the central town do not have this extra cost, but otherwise we will share equally. I don't think it feels good.

SVT Sápmi has reached out to Tekniska verken in Kiruna for a comment.