Egyptian academic and writer Mohamed al-Gawadi (born in Damietta, northern Egypt in 1958) has died at the age of 65 after battling illness.

Intellectuals, media professionals and writers mourned al-Jawadi on social media. The Secretary-General of the Union of Muslim Scholars, Ali Al-Qaradaghi, wrote calling on him for mercy, and for his family to be patient and solace.

We belong to God and to Him we return
, I received the news of the death of Dr. Mohammed Al-Jawadi.
I say to his family and lovers:
May God reward you well, may God bless your consolation, may God forgive your deceased, place him in his widest heavens, inspire his family and relatives patience and fortitude, and bind on your hearts, we belong to God and to Him we shall return, Oh God have mercy on him, forgive him, and make his grave a garden of Paradise

— Dr. Ali Al-Qaradaghi (@Ali_AlQaradaghi) June 9, 2023

May God have mercy on the thinker, historian, writer, politician, cardiologist and Egyptian political opponent, Dr. Muhammad Al-Gawadi, and inhabit his spacious paradise, despite my few sessions with him, I do not think I knew a person who I read or met in my life such as his comprehensive encyclopedia of thought, literature, history, art, politics and medicine, whether in the affairs of Egypt or the world ...

— Ahmed Shalalfi (@alshalfia) June 9, 2023

We belong to God and to Him we return
, and today we have the painful news of the death of Dr. Muhammad Al-Jawadi.
We ask God Almighty to forgive and have mercy on him, accept his emigration for his sake, keep him away from his homeland, wash him of his sins with water, ice and cold, make his resting place the highest paradise, and be patient with his family and lovers.
We belong to God and to Him we return.#وفاة_الجوادي

— Dr. Wasfi Ashour Abu Zeid (@dr_wasfy) June 9, 2023

Al-Jawadi, a professor of cardiology at Zagazig University, Egypt, combined his interest in medicine, language sciences and history, and was a member of the Arabic Language Academy from 2003 to 2019, the Egyptian Scientific Academy since 2008, the Egyptian Writers Union since 1979, and the Egyptian Academy for Scientific Culture since 1978.

He won several awards, including the State Appreciation Award in 2004, the Arabic Language Academy Award in 1978, the Medal of Science and Arts of the first class in 1985, as well as the Arabic Language Academy Award in 1978 for his book "Dr. Muhammad Kamel Hussein, a scientist, thinker and writer", and the State Encouragement Award in the literature of translations for his book "Musharafa between the atom and the peak".

Al-Jawadi was known for his prolific production, and has dozens of books in literature and history, and headed the editor-in-chief of an Egyptian medical journal, and worked as an advisor to the State Information Service for the Encyclopedia of Egyptian Personalities, and issued an encyclopedia of Arab and Muslim scientists and writers for the Arab Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization.

Al-Jawadi was interested in the biographies and translations of medical scientists, and his books include "Dr. Naguib Mahfouz, pioneer of obstetrics and gynecology", "Dr. Suleiman Pasha Azmi, the first of our internal medicines", and "Al-Hakim Al-Jarrah.. Biography of Dr. Mohamed Abdel Latif".

He also wrote about the sheikhs and scholars of the 20th century such as Muhammad Abdo and the Sheikh of Al-Azhar of Tunisia, Muhammad al-Khidr Hussein, and on the biographies of military leaders such as his book on the Egyptian military commander Abdel Moneim Riad, Field Marshal Ahmed Ismail, Abdul Latif al-Baghdadi and others, as well as books on education curricula, educational thought, literature, culture, journalism and politics.