• Music The Primavera Sound takes Blur by surprise to La Riviera waiting to start the festival on Friday in Arganda
  • Festival The OCU advises to claim to the Primavera Sound expenses of accommodation and transport after the suspension of the concerts on Thursday due to rains

Muddy runways and flooded facilities. The rains that have irrigated Madrid these days, without being excessively strong, have managed to leave out of play the City of Rock, in Arganda del Rey, where yesterday was scheduled to start one of the musical events of the year in the region: the Primavera Sound. The festival, after a first weekend in Barcelona, lands for the first time in Madrid.

Although the day of this Thursday was suspended in response to "the persistent inclement weather experienced in recent weeks", everything indicates that today Friday can be carried out. This was confirmed to this newspaper by the organizers, "hopeful" that time will lend them a hand. "There is optimism... We are working a lot in the enclosure, "they said, without specifying what kind of work they are executing to correct the situation. "The forecast is much better tomorrow [Friday]... The thing is that it doesn't rain."

Bad news never comes alone and, as GRAN MADRID has been able to know, the reception that this festival has had in Arganda has been scarce. Ticket sales are, at the moment, well below the expected figures in an enclosure in which more than 50,000 people could enter. Numbers that clash with a "very ambitious" project, in which the entire space was rented, with 13 stages, and not just a part of it, as is done in other types of similar events.

Despite this, tickets valid for Thursday can be used in the concerts on Friday, with Kendrick Lamar and Depeche Mode as headliners, or on Saturday, with Rosalía as the highlight of the night. Of course, if the Madrid sky ends up allowing it.

In case someone does not use their tickets, once the festival is over, and "as soon as possible", the refund will be received automatically. Although, in the event that those who buy the season ticket for the three days, from 275 euros, the promoters, when asked by this newspaper, have not pronounced on how they will do it.

Meanwhile, and with the "bad weather good face" by montera, jokes and reproaches on social networks were not long in coming from some affected. "The Primavera Sound cancels its concerts and in exchange offers its proposal of water park," Javier published, attaching a video of the facilities totally flooded and full of mud. Other more concerned users, such as Irene, wondered if she could somehow see her favorite group, which played on Thursday, since she had spent money on transport and stay in Madrid, receiving only an apology and information on how to reuse her ticket.

For these cases, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) yesterday advised the victims to claim from the organizers of the festival the expenses associated with transport or accommodation, but it is a cause of force majeure.

The only concert that could be held yesterday was that of the British band Blur, in La Riviera, although this was not without controversy. From 16.00 hours, festival subscribers could request their attendance, with a capacity limited to 1,800 spectators that was volatilized in the blink of an eye. "It's incredible, I get in exactly when you activate it. The minute he tells me to give him to reserve and I receive that there is no stock. Not by expected ceases to be outrageous ... Stop playing with people and their illusions, please," Luis tweeted, to which Peipon also responded disappointed: "I think my reaction time was below half a second, my record, and still nothing."

With the hope that everything will remain in a single suspended day, throughout the afternoon yesterday tried to recondition the parking areas and the accesses turned into quagmires after the storms. Specifically, tons of earth were scattered with several bulldozers. If the rain gives a truce and ceases, it is expected that there will be no problems to park in the enabled esplanades.

The device of the Civil Guard for the event in Arganda is about 200 agents. The Traffic Group of the Civil Guard will be responsible for traffic control on the A-3 and in the vicinity of the enclosure. At the gates of the complex, agents of the Citizen Security Unit (USECI), agents of the Arganda del Rey post and GRS will be deployed to avoid incidents and altercations. In addition, there will be canine guides with dogs specialized in detecting drugs and explosives.

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