A teenage boy, a man in his 20s, a man in his 50s and a woman in her 40s are charged with the murder of a man in Malå earlier this year. According to the prosecutor, together and in concert they killed a man in his 30s in his home.

"In my opinion, the preliminary investigation shows that there is a strong motive," says senior prosecutor Andreas Nyberg.

The man himself alerted SOS after he was attacked but later died at the scene.

Self-reported – admits assault

The elderly man and woman were arrested a few days after the incident and have been in custody ever since. Both deny murder. The two younger men were later arrested and the teenager reported himself to police. He admits to having been at the victim's apartment.

"My client admits aggravated assault at the time and place specified in the indictment. For our part, the case will largely be about what intentions and expectations he had, says the teenager's lawyer Fredrik Elveros.

The other persons completely deny any wrongdoing.

For one of the defendants there is a secondary claim of incitement to murder and aggravated protection of a criminal, for a defendant there is a secondary claim of aggravated protection of a criminal.

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A man in Malå is injured with a weapon and alarms himself for help. He later dies of his injuries and the police classify the incident as murder. Here you have the case in a minute. Photo: SVT, google earth, Storyblocks