The fire ban will enter into force at 11 a.m. today, Friday, and will remain in force until further notice.

The County Administrative Board provides the following information about what applies.

In the event of a fire ban, you may:

• Grill on your own plot with charcoal/briquettes/gas in a prepared grill.

•Do not use disposable barbecue as it is not a safe barbecue area.

• Only grill on fixed barbecue areas in stone, concrete or similar. Temporarily arranged barbecue areas made of stone or logs do not meet the requirements for a safe barbecue area.

• Use camping stoves or storm stoves if they are placed on fireproof surfaces such as gravel or sand.

i• not to use pyrotechnic equipment outdoors.

The fire ban only applies to outdoor fires in forests and fields. But there are other activities that can also pose a fire risk and should be avoided. The emergency services therefore remind that:

• Spark protection in chimneys on hot tubs, barbecues and the like is effective in preventing the spread of fire.

• Sparks from angle grinders, clearing saws or similar can easily start a fire.

• Tracked forest machines are a common cause of forest fires.

• Shooting at shooting ranges poses a higher fire risk. If possible, wait with the shooting exercises until the fire risk has become lower.

• Glowing cigarette butts thrown on the ground or in nature can glow long after being thrown and start a fire much later.