■ Wu Yanan, reporter of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News

At the Cultural Fair, the cultural "big fair" sounded the gong to open, setting off a new wave of cultural consumption. The reporter interviewed at the 19th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo Fair for several days and found that this year's cultural fair is linked offline, online, and outside the museum, bringing "consumption season broadcast", diversified and multi-dimensional to promote consumption to improve quality and efficiency.

Immersive top streaming e-commerce platform to help

"Teacher Chen, so professional! His explanation, too knowledgeable, I really want to parachute into the scene treasure hunt immediately" "Is there a purchase link?" Where can I buy the rattan weaving crafts just introduced" "If it weren't for the professional-level anchor to take it around, I really didn't know that there were so many 'treasures' in the cultural fair"... At 6 a.m. on June 8, the "Cultural Fair Consumption Season" Douyin live broadcast started on time, and the audience followed the steps of Chen Lusheng, director of the Plastic Arts Committee of the China Literary and Art Critics Association, and Ying Ge, the official anchor of the Cultural Fair, to immerse themselves in the Intangible Cultural Heritage, Crafts, Art and Design Museum of the Cultural Fair and experience the diversity of the Cultural Fair.

A large number of exquisite products such as beautiful handicrafts and exquisite intangible cultural heritage exhibits were unveiled in the live broadcast room, and the audience feasted their eyes and learned the subtleties of each exhibit through the introduction of experts.

Create new consumption scenarios and promote new cultural consumption. This year's well-known e-commerce platform created the "Fair Consumption Season", recruiting and selecting 100 high-quality exhibitors and service providers to bring massive and high-quality cultural goods to the audience from June 6 to August 1. During the Expo, the organizer invited a number of million-level and tens of millions of big V anchors and influencers to take the audience to visit the exhibition hall "cloud" to explore consumption potential in multiple dimensions and expand online cultural consumption. In addition, AIGC digital humans were introduced, and about 8 digital people conducted uninterrupted live broadcasts in the official live broadcast room of the Expo.

Urban cultural creativity, intangible cultural heritage products, national costumes, local specialties, handicrafts, master paintings... Open the Douyin APP, enter the topic of "Cultural Fair Consumption Season", the topic of the Beautiful Destination Cultural Fair, the search product topic of the Cultural Fair Consumption Season, etc., and you can play the Chinese cultural industry cultural exhibition with one click.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Expo, during the "Consumption Season of the Expo", the Expo used modern information technology such as big data and cloud computing to upgrade its marketing model, take advantage of the joint publicity of Douyin Cultural Tourism, professional exhibitors of the Expo, media of various provinces and cities, and celebrity experts, operate multi-dimensional resources to stimulate industry penetration, plan national tides and intangible cultural heritage hotspots on the whole network, and constantly explore the multiple values of national tide cultural creativity and intangible cultural heritage. At the same time, through the traffic support and technical empowerment provided by e-commerce platforms, it helps exhibitors accurately connect with a large number of online and offline buyers, and disseminate more cultural products carrying Chinese culture and Chinese spirit.

This year's Expo consumption season also cooperated with Tmall to launch the online branch venue of Tmall 618 Cultural Expo, inviting exhibitors to participate in and expand Tmall's high-quality merchants to participate in the online cultural fair, and linked with Taobao Live to invite live broadcast experts to the exhibition, so that cultural creativity and big data technology have a "chemical reaction", setting off a national cultural consumption boom.

A collection of global cultural highlights

Walking into the cultural fair is like entering a super market, one hall and one scene, and the museum is even more all-encompassing, clothing, food, housing, transportation, use, care, careless, careless. Here, not only can you meet the needs of the audience in one stop, but you can always get unexpected surprises when you go around in a circle.

In the Zhejiang exhibition area, 73-year-old Wan Aizhu and her wife brought intangible cultural heritage "Longyou Leather Paper" to participate in the exhibition. "We basically come to the fair every year and make a lot of friends at the fair. This year brought 9 big boxes of products, a lot of which have already been sold, and that's all. Wan Aizhu pointed to the rice paper on the table and several boxes under the table and said. She told reporters that the production process of "Longyou leather paper" has reached twenty or thirty steps, and she has insisted on handmade production for many years, and every time she participates in the exhibition, it has attracted much attention and gained a lot. "We'll be back next year." The old man said with a smile.

During the conversation with reporters, several groups of spectators placed orders for multiple rolls of rice paper on the spot. "Auntie, let's add a WeChat to facilitate follow-up contact." I am doing calligraphy education and promotion. After paying the payment, a buyer from Shunde repeatedly took the initiative to join the "circle of friends".

"Will come back next year." In the Xinjiang exhibition area, Ha Lidan, a staff member of the Turpan Museum, also said. The reporter noticed that the small booth of the Turpan Museum placed "small flower hat" headdresses, square tapestries, cultural and creative refrigerator stickers, embroidered silk scarves and other items, attracting many visitors to buy on the spot. Haridan said that he brought a total of two boxes of goods, and there were not too many categories. "The first communication fair, I didn't expect it to be so hot, and there was not much left. We'll bring more products next year. ”

Walking in the exhibition halls of the cultural fair, in addition to seeing products such as film and television, books, and publishing, you can also find a variety of small objects closely related to life. This is the most intuitive feeling of Ms. Yao, who came from abroad to find out. "The fair was a real eye-opener and gave me a broad view of culture. In fact, culture is carried in these objects. She said it was like an open "big bazaar" for the cultural industry, which had been here for less than an hour and had already acquired multiple products.