After a frantic negotiation and a few hours before the deadline ended, Compromís and Sumar have reached this Friday early in the morning a pact to attend together the next general elections in the Valencian Community, and that must now be ratified by the executive. It has been precisely this territory that has become one of the biggest reasons for conflict between Podemos and the formation of Yolanda Díaz, which has finally prioritized Compromís by admitting a good part of its demands.

The first was to lead the Valencian candidacy, something key for the Valencian coalition and that has clouded to unsuspected limits the relations with Podemos, which has considered it a veto. In this sense, as confirmed by sources of Compromís, this formation will have the first two positions of the list for Valencia to the Congress, which are considered the most important to be the most likely to achieve representation. Sumar will correspond to the heads of the list for Alicante and Castellón.

Another key to the pact is the name, which will finally be Compromís-Sumar: sumem per guanyar. If something was clear Compromís is that its brand should be visualized, an indispensable condition to show that it is the formation of Joan Baldoví that leads in the Valencian Community the space to the left of the PSOE. And for this they have wielded the electoral results of 28-M, where Unidas Podemos has been directly out of the Valencian Parliament by not exceeding the barrier of 5% of the regional vote.

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