The man came to Sweden from Turkey a few years ago and has a criminal record under a number of points – however, he has not been convicted of any serious crime before.

Now, after a shooting outside a tavern in Stockholm in January this year, he is charged with attempted aggravated extortion, aggravated weapons offenses and attempted financing of terrorism.

Kurdo Baksi on the man singled out: "Want to make money"

Not much is known about the man, but he has been very active on social media where he has, among other things, shared links related to the Kurdish freedom struggle. In several pictures, he also poses with various symbols of the PKK.

However, the Swedish-Kurdish debater Kurdo Baksi, who has organized a large number of Kurdish demonstrations in Stockholm, does not recognize him.

"I have spoken to sources within the PKK and they say that they have nothing to do with this man, but that he wants to make money and is using the PKK's name to show himself strong, powerful and organized.

Accused of extortion on behalf of PKK denies crime

But prosecutor Hans Ihrman is sure of his case:

"The investigation supports the suspicions that the man acted on behalf of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). The prosecutor is available for brief comments by phone this afternoon," reads a press release from the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

The accused denies any wrongdoing.