The trial, which ends on Friday, is one of the largest so far linked to the gang conflict between the so-called Kurdish Fox and the rival Valley network. A conflict that is supposed to stem from competition for drug markets that has developed into a revenge spiral.

20-year-old leader detained in yet another case

One of the six defendants is a 20-year-old man who acted as a leader over several younger people in the criminal Zero network in Jordbro and Haninge. The 20-year-old is suspected of having made his younger accomplices shoot several people in Fruängen, Dalen and Skarpnäck in southern Stockholm in January. The Zero network is under the leadership of the Kurdish Fox.

Since last week, the 20-year-old has also been detained on suspicion of conspiracy to murder after a shooting in Skogås in January. Several people are in custody in that case.