"It is an important historical experience to promote the whole party to solve outstanding problems in party style in the spirit of self-revolution through centralized education. When the masses of the people see whether the thematic education is effective, the most intuitive feeling is to see whether the existing problems in party style have been solved and whether the work style of party members and cadres has made marked progress. During his recent inspection tour in Inner Mongolia, General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly expounded the importance of promoting the whole party to solve outstanding problems in party style with the spirit of self-revolution through centralized education, systematically expounded the rich connotation of "learning a healthy style", and drew ideological "red lines" and put forward practical requirements for the vast number of party members and cadres, which will surely inspire us to deeply promote the party's self-revolution through thematic education and continuously push forward the cause of the party and the country.

Style building is always on the way. The whole party must profoundly understand that the party's work style has a bearing on the will of the people and on the survival of the ruling party. We should carry forward the party's fine traditions, solve the outstanding problems in party style through thematic education, and let the masses of the people truly feel our party's determination and perseverance to carry out the self-revolution to the end, see the results achieved in the building of work style, and intuitively feel the results achieved in thematic education.

Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era contains important theories and strategies on style building, which runs through the requirements of Chinese communists' political character, value pursuit, spiritual realm, and work style and ethics, and these original contents are the inheritance and development of Marxist party building theory. We should take the opportunity of carrying out thematic education to deeply understand the theoretical significance and practical requirements of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in party building, especially in the specific implementation, we must grasp the positive style of learning, adhere to the combination of goal-oriented and problem-oriented, and integrate study and reform, find gaps in the requirements of party style, investigate the root causes of the requirements of party spirit, clarify measures against the requirements of party discipline, and enhance the effectiveness of inspection and rectification.

Seeking truth and being pragmatic is an important ideology and working method of the Chinese Communists. We should vigorously promote a pragmatic style, make efforts to investigate the facts, make practical moves, and seek practical results, grasp the work in a down-to-earth manner, lay a solid foundation, and take solid steps, and make marked and substantive progress in guarding against formalism and bureaucratism. It is necessary to carry forward the investigation and study, improve the quality of the research results, have a target, get to the point, and truly find out the situation, pinpoint the problems, and improve the countermeasures.

We must always pay unremitting attention to fighting corruption and promoting clean government, and we must sound the alarm for a long time to resist corruption and prevent degeneration. We must vigorously carry forward the trend of honesty, educate leading cadres at all levels to keep firmly in mind the truth that honesty is a blessing and greed is a curse, firmly establish a correct concept of power, comprehensively find out the risk points of corruption, build a solid ideological defense line, adhere to the red line of law and discipline, behave innocently, do things cleanly, and always maintain the political character of honesty and integrity. It is necessary to improve relevant systems, strictly enforce discipline, and build guardrails in accordance with the "three non-corruption" requirements of "not daring to be corrupt, not being corrupt, and not wanting to be corrupt."

Being thrifty and simple, and refraining from extravagance, are the heirlooms of our party. On the new journey of endeavor, we must not abandon the traditions of modesty and prudence, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, struggle hard, and be diligent and thrifty; we must consciously cultivate a frugal style, regard the issue of life style as an important part of examining and rectifying the situation, urge the vast number of party members and cadres to keep a sober mind, manage their time outside work, manage their families and staff around them, and build a dam to implement the spirit of the eight central regulations and detailed implementation rules.

What benefits the people, the silk will prosper; The things that are good for the people will go to the end. The whole party should deeply study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of speeches and important instructions on thematic education, always maintain a sober and firm attitude in solving the unique problems of the big party, start from the problem of work style that the people strongly reflect, strengthen problem orientation, enhance the awareness of public servant, discipline and rules, so as to use power fairly, according to law, for civil power, and honestly, always maintain the flesh-and-blood ties between the party and the people, constantly cultivate the mass foundation for the party to govern, and build a strong country. National rejuvenation has brought together the majestic power of hundreds of millions of people to unite and forge ahead.

CCTV commentator