Wenzhou, June 6, 8 (ZHANG Yicong) At 2023 p.m. Beijing time on June 6, 7, an article titled "Structural Basis for FGF hormone Signaling" was published in Nature, a top international scientific journal. Through this paper, the Chinese scientific research team for the first time in the world has fully demonstrated the molecular machine assembly and signal activation mode of FGF11, FGFR, Klotho and HS quaternary complexes, which provides important structural information for drug development of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

Behind this scientific achievement, led by Oujiang Laboratory in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, jointly developed by the team of Li Xiaokun, Chen Gaozi and Moosa Mohammadi, and signed by the corresponding author, it is also a portrayal of Oujiang Laboratory in the past 2 years since its establishment, focusing on attracting high-end talents full-time and achieving major breakthroughs in academic research in a short period of time.

"Simply put, comparing the growth factor FGF to the key and the human metabolic regulation to the lock, this study is to solve the key scientific problem of how the key is unlocked." Li Xiaokun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief scientist of Oujiang Laboratory, said that in the future, by controlling the process of unlocking this key, it will provide an important direction for the design of drugs for precision metabolic diseases.

Before the establishment of the Oujiang laboratory, the above team had jointly studied the field in 2018, and in the same year reported the interaction characteristics of endocrine FGF-FGFR-Klotho ternary complexes in Nature, and after 5 years, the team completed the "last puzzle" of FGF signaling to activate the extracellular region.

Similarly, at the beginning of 2023, Wenzhou showed a strategic picture of science and technology, in which "industry, system, environment" are three important puzzles, and this academic research takes Oujiang Laboratory as the core of the system, focuses on the field of life and health sciences, and takes the open talent cultivation environment as the soil to end the fruitful results.

The scene of the second anniversary of the establishment of Oujiang Laboratory Life and Health Series Achievements Press Conference Photo courtesy of Oujiang Laboratory

"Taking talent as the first resource, taking the scientific research platform as the first element, and empowering high-quality development with industry is the answer of Oujiang Laboratory to national scientific research." Song Weihong, director of Oujiang Laboratory, said that based on the scientific research results, follow-up applied scientific research, as well as industrial supporting infrastructure and applications, have been rolled out.

Song Weihong further said that in terms of biomedicine alone, Oujiang Laboratory is equipped with medical science facilities on the first floor of Qihang Building equipped with 1 million yuan of advanced large-scale instruments; set up a biomedical big data intelligent computing center to provide massive high-performance computing services; cooperate with Wenzhou Second Affiliated Medical to build a large clinical biological sample bank, with a biological sample inventory of 5 million; and a translational medicine research base is under construction, and an 300-square-meter SPF-level experimental animal center has been built on the second floor of Qihang Building before it is fully completed by the end of 2024.

In terms of science and technology innovation industry, Oujiang Laboratory has established a reserve system of "continuous transformation of achievements" while continuously strengthening the top-level design, and continuously strengthened the construction of a collaborative innovation system of production, education and research funds.

Data show that in the past two years, Oujiang Laboratory has published 2 academic papers in international academic journals. In this regard, Ling Shukuan, head of the scientific research management department of Oujiang Laboratory, said that the research content includes "one drop of blood" early warning and early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease system, and the discovery of new strategies for lasting relief of diabetes with one treatment, etc., with phased and diversified academic research, and constantly promote the healthy China strategy "accumulate steps to thousands of miles".

Li Xiaokun said that the future is heavy and long-term, Oujiang Laboratory will continue to be stable and far-reaching on the road of scientific and technological innovation, innovation and excellence, strive to write scientific research results on the land of Ouyue, and make new contributions to Wenzhou's high-quality development, strengthening and expanding the "third pole of the province", and Zhejiang's efforts to promote the "two firsts". (End)