Lina E. and her accomplices were convicted of hunting down neo-Nazis. The case provides insights into the radicalization of the left-wing extremist scene, in which violence seems to some to be a legitimate means.

They do not trust the state to fight the growing right-wing extremism.

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»Free all antifas«: Demonstrators in Leipzig show solidarity with left-wing extremist Lina E.


Jan Woitas / dpa

In this episode we talk about the background of the left-wing extremist vigilante justice and the reaction of the security authorities.

Jörg Diehl, senior investigative journalist at SPIEGEL, speaks of a new generation of extremists: "These targeted, planned attacks on political opponents – or those who are thought to be political opponents – are a level of brutality and criminal energy that we don't see so often in the left-wing extremist scene."

Court reporter Wiebke Ramm describes her impressions of the trial against Lina E. "Of course, a state governed by the rule of law cannot tolerate attacking anyone with percussion tools, iron bars," says Ramm. The reaction of the authorities also has consequences for other parts of the left-wing extremist scene.

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