Kiruna municipality risks having to pay fines totalling SEK 1.2 million if it does not succeed in overcoming the major and serious deficiencies at Nya Raketskolan. Most recently, it is the school's secondary school that receives harsh criticism.

Lacks grades in several subjects

According to the Swedish Schools Inspectorate, the school's secondary school students have missed out on music and Spanish lessons due to teacher shortages and needy students have not received good special support. The agency notes that some 60 students lacked grades in at least four subjects in the autumn semester of 2022.

Furthermore, unlicensed teachers have been given responsibility for grading, which is not allowed.

Criticism sharpens

Already a year ago, the school's secondary school was criticized, and now the Swedish Schools Inspectorate is sharpening the tone with a fine of SEK 600,000. Similar criticism and the same amount of fines apply to the school's middle school, while the primary school part must show improvements, but without the threat of fines.

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate wants the municipality's reports on 29 September for the middle school and for the upper secondary school on 31 October.

Can get banned from running the school

The Swedish Schools Inspectorate points out that if Kiruna municipality does not overcome the problems, the consequence may be a ban on running the school further, or that the state temporarily takes over responsibility for the school.

The new Raketskolan attracted attention last autumn, when the teacher shortage led to a safety stop and that the school was closed for a few days.