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The ozone layer is on its way to recovery. A report by the UN and the American Meteorological Society reflects that, thanks to the efforts put into the Montreal Protocol, the layer could have fully recovered by 2040. With some exceptions: the Arctic area would have to wait until 2045 and Antarctica until 2066. But this is great news that demonstrates the effectiveness of taking action for the good of the planet and of progressively eliminating the use of pollutants that deplete the ozone layer.

Experts from different areas will debate in "We Choose Earth Tour" about the current state of the planet and will promote a reflection for a greener and more sustainable future

Proven then that it can be done, "We Choose Earth Tour" is the call of EDP, the world's leading energy company in renewables, to save the world. It is an international conference that will delve into this necessary protection of the environment and, above all, the urgency of acting together.

Thus, on June 22, renowned speakers such as Amal Clooney, Céline Cousteau, Peter Frankopan or Enrique Dans, will debate at the EDP Gran Vía Theater in Madrid on how to save the planet. To this end, EDP has designed a program full of proposals, case studies and knowledge about social justice, energy transition, environmental care or the real possibilities of a greener future. All of them are committed to inspiring attendees with a common goal: to work for a more sustainable and better future for future generations.

And finally, the commitment of the attendees is also going to be an important part of the event. By buying your ticket, you will be contributing to a better world, since the amount raised will go to entities that act for the common good and with sustainability as a flag such as ECODES, La España Azul and Ecomar.

For the sake of the oceans

But the energy company goes further and does not cease in its efforts to make society aware of the urgent need to act. For this, nothing better than to continue with the path of awareness and environmental education as a previous step to action. The novelty: you can now visit in Madrid the exhibition BackWash, with which you want to draw attention to the devastating impact that throwing objects into the ocean has on the planet. Located on Gran Vía, next to the EDP Theater, it is the first exhibition in the world that brings together objects that nobody wants such as a laptop or a Darth Vader and a yellow toy submarine.

These objects were rescued from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, in Portugal. Specifically, these objects now exhibited are the result of the largest underwater cleaning that has been carried out to date. A Guinness World Record that symbolizes the need to fight climate change.

For that, all objects are exposed along with their cost to the planet, that is, the number of years it will take to completely disintegrate. For example, a laptop would take more than 500 years.

This exhibition -free and open until June 30- also serves us to learn from mistakes and take action. The exhibits will also be able to visit through the web, from where donations can be made that will go to the NGO The Ocean Clean Up, an organization that uses advanced technologies to eliminate plastic waste from the oceans around the world.

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