This Wednesday, around four in the afternoon, hundreds of people came to the Plaza de Callao to witness one of the most anticipated premieres of the season. This is Tyler Rake 2, an action film in which Chris Hemsworth plays an elite agent, endowed with strength, intelligence and an enviable physique. In theory, Tyler Rake has nothing to do with Spain. In fact, the film was shot in Prague and Vienna. But Netflix decided to make the premiere in Madrid with its protagonist, Hemsworth, married to Spanish actress Elsa Pataky.

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Chris Hemsworth speaks in El Hormiguero of the serious health problem to which he is prone

Chris Hemsworth speaks in El Hormiguero of the serious health problem to which he is prone

For hours, about 300 fans waited for the Thor actor in the rain. His arrival, along with actress Olga Kurylenko, was scheduled for eight o'clock. But the Hollywood star arrived at nine. With a smile on his lips, yes. And although the actor did not talk about the reason for his delay, LOC has been able to confirm that it was not carelessness on his part...

Around seven in the afternoon, Hemsworth was on the sets of El Hormiguero to record the program that was broadcast a few hours later. And at the end of the recording, the actor received a surprising visit: that of Queen Letizia and her daughter, the Infanta Sofia, as confirmed to LOC Netflix sources.

The actor, with Pablo Motos.GTRES

Apparently, the youngest daughter of the Kings is a real fan of the protagonist of Thor and they spent a few minutes chatting with him backstage; A moment that was possibly immortalized with a selfie or photograph.

A private meeting that Hemsworth himself escaped in one of the groups that later formed at the premiere of his film.

Already there, in the photocall of the premiere, the husband of Elsa Pataly spoke with numerous media -among them, La Otra Crónica-, to which he said he was very happy to be in Spain. "It's amazing to be in Madrid. It's been a long time since I was on a promotional tour, as such, and I didn't have to come to Europe and Spain."

To the actor, along with the fans who were waiting for them at the premiere. GTRES

"The reception of the Spaniards is wonderful. They welcome you very well," he said. "In fact, I would come to live here. If Australia kicks me out of the house, I would move here, of course," he said with a laugh.

On the other hand, he also spoke about a detail that aroused the curiosity of those present: a chop he had in his hand, written by Elsa Pataky herself. "I am very happy to be in Spain," he wrote in pen blue ink. "My wife told me to learn it," he told a reporter.

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Hours after the premiere, Hemsworth moved to the Royal Tapestry Factory, where he attended the Elle Echo Awards. An event in which Sara Carbonero, Isabel Jiménez and Pataky herself were also present, who were awarded for their action against climate change.

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Chris sat at a table next to his wife and greeted everyone who approached him. Moreover, the official networks of Elle have published a video in which Hemsworth is seen in a close and affectionate attitude, while Nochentera plays in the background.

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