Shaoxing, June 6 (Xiang Jing) With the arrival of summer, Yaoshun Yangxin Valley Leisure Resort, located in the deep mountains of Donghe Township, Zhuji City, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, has attracted a group of foreign tourists to check in. The owner of the cool "secret place" hidden in the green water and green mountains is Guo Shuiyao, a village sage who did business in Shanghai and returned to his hometown to invest.

"The mountains and rivers of my hometown are worth seeing by thousands of people." When he started a business abroad, Guo Shuiyao had this idea - to return to his hometown to invest in projects. With a total investment of about 12.<> billion yuan, the resort will be a pastoral complex integrating tourism and vacation, leisure and health, outdoor sports and agricultural experience, empowering rural revitalization.

This year, Zhejiang proposed to implement the "No. 1 Open Project" to upgrade the "sweet potato economy". The hometown is the key force for deeply cultivating the "sweet potato economy" and a powerful engine for the high-quality development of the county.

The return of projects, the return of funds, the return of talents... As the "leader" of China's county economy, in recent years, Zhuji has implemented the "Return Project of Rural Sages" to condense the resources of rural sages and activate the economy of rural sages. According to statistics, in the past five years, more than 300,<> village sages have returned, with a cumulative investment of more than <> billion yuan.

Zhuji "The Most Beautiful Country Sage" awarded the plaque Zhuji United Front Photo courtesy

How can the resources of the village sages be transformed into the county economy, so that the "sweet potato" becomes sweeter and sweeter?

A section is a window. According to the relevant person in charge of the United Front Work Department of the Zhuji Municipal Party Committee, the local area has held the Zhuji Development Conference (Zhuji Business Conference) for many years, attracting more than 2000,19 villagers to return to their hometowns to participate in the conference, awarding 7 most beautiful villagers and <> honorary citizens.

At the same time, villages and towns rely on traditional festivals to hold township sage conferences and township sage sincere discussions, with the help of Xi Shi Cultural Festival, Pearl Conference, Socks Expo, Tongshan Burning Altar Festival and other festivals to carry out township sage liaison and friendship activities, calling on villagers to participate in public welfare charity and rural construction, in the past three years, villagers have donated a total of 4000 million yuan through the Charity Federation, and township sages have participated in the establishment of 23 naming funds.

In the outer Zhuji people, the "circle of friends" is also constantly being closely knitted. At present, Zhuji has established 33 local friendship organizations, 11 overseas (overseas) hometown associations, 26 non-local chambers of commerce, 23 towns and streets to achieve full coverage of the construction of rural sage friendship platforms, and collected and improved 3200,<> rural sage "character pools".

As the area of the "sweet potato field" becomes more and more extensive, the sweet potato rhizome absorbs more and more nutrients and becomes stronger and stronger. Keeping the "covenant of hometown", the sons and daughters of Zhuji who have traveled south and north have "returned home" one after another, which has become the driving force for the development of their hometown.

From building roads to rebuilding schools to building cultural and sports centers... For decades, Yang Hongkang, a village sage born in Yangjialou Village, Zhuji City, has always been concerned about rural development and was awarded the title of "Most Beautiful Country Sage" in Zhuji City. Today, the cultural and sports center donated by Yang Hongkang has become a cultural and leisure place for Yangjialou Village and its surrounding villagers.

"Nostalgia is a constant resignation." Yang Hongkang said.

As he said, the countryside is increasingly becoming a broad stage for villagers to return to their hometowns to invest. Up to now, 1018,391 local villagers have returned through diversified methods, of which 1 village-level practical projects have returned, and 14 million yuan has been directly invested in rural revitalization funds. (End)