"If you answer this question with a bit of humor, then I would not like to complicate the work of our special services, since the reluctance of a person to drive with license plates with the tricolor, for sure, should attract attention, if these are not ordinary people, but people who occupy certain responsible positions or work in supervisory, law enforcement agencies, state authorities," Gutenev explained.

That is, this is such a marker - whether you are proud of the country, whether you are proud of the flag or not, the deputy said.

At the same time, he stressed that the symbolism of our Motherland "should be mandatory not only in this, but also in many other cases, since the devil is in the details."

"It is necessary to educate patriotism from childhood," the parliamentarian added.

According to him, those people who are ashamed to ride with the Russian flag should think about "where they will find the roots that their children should have."

Earlier, Doctor of Law, Professor Ivan Solovyov, Honored Lawyer of Russia, proposed to make it mandatory to place the Russian flag on car license plates of all types.

Solovyov noted that the number of license plates without the national flag of the country is growing in Russia.

According to him, in the current conditions, maintaining a high patriotic spirit of the population is an "urgent necessity."