The damage caused by the collapse of a dam in southern Ukraine and large-scale flooding is spreading. A total of 14 people are reported to have died in areas controlled by Russia, and there are concerns that the number of victims will increase in the future.

The dam of the Kahouka hydroelectric power plant in Kherson Oblast, southern Ukraine, collapsed on the 6th, causing large-scale flooding, and OCHA = United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Coordination Office reported flood damage in about 80 towns and villages according to the Ukrainian government, and about 4,8 residents may be affected.

The governor of Kherson Province announced on the 23th that 600 square kilometers, which is equivalent to the area of Tokyo's 7 wards, were flooded, and about 7% of them were on the southeast side of the Dnipro River controlled by Russia.

The mayor of Nova Kahouka, which is adjacent to the dam, told Russian media that five of the seven missing people had died.

Regarding the situation in Oreshki, which is also located in the southeast, Ukrainian media reported that the area was flooded and nine deaths were confirmed, citing the local mayor who is evacuating, and there are concerns that the number of victims will increase in the future.

President Zelensky of Ukraine visited the evacuation center on the 8th, met with residents and medical workers, and held a meeting with the head of the local authorities to exchange views on the damage situation, livelihood support, and future military operations.

Meanwhile, the Russian presidential office announced on the 8th that President Putin had instructed them to hold telephone talks with officials in areas controlled by the Russian side and provide necessary assistance.

Against this backdrop, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu issued a statement announcing that Ukrainian troops had attempted to break through the defense line of Russian troops in Zaporozhye Oblast in southern Ukraine in the early morning of the 8th.

The British Ministry of Defense said on the 8th that "fierce fighting continues on multiple fronts, and Ukraine is taking the lead in most areas," and it seems that the movement of the reverse offensive by the Ukrainian army is becoming active.