The Chinese ambassador to the Republic of Korea held talks with representatives of the largest opposition party in the Republic of Korea on the evening of the 8th. South Korean media have reported that the Chinese ambassador may have shown his dissatisfaction with the foreign policy of the Yoon Seong-yeol administration, which values relations with the United States, by meeting with representatives of opposition parties.

According to South Korea's news agency Rengo News, China's Ambassador to South Korea, Lee Jae-myeong, held a meeting over dinner with Lee Jae-myeong, president of South Korea's largest opposition party, the Democratic Party of Korea, on the evening of the 8th.

At the meeting, Lee stated that "concerns of neighboring countries are increasing" over the plan to dilute the treated water accumulated at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to a concentration below the standard and release it into the sea, to which Ambassador Kay replied, "The release is an extremely irresponsible act and must be stopped."

In April, China and South Korea criticized each other for their remarks on Taiwan, but Ambassador Kay said, "Taiwan is the core of China's core interests, and I hope that the ROK will respect it."

Coalition News pointed out that Ambassador Kaye met with representatives of opposition parties before the ruling party, suggesting that he may have shown his dissatisfaction with the foreign policy of the Yoon Sung-nyeol administration, which emphasizes relations with the United States.

On the other hand, on the 4th, Ambassador Sangseong, who is stationed in South Korea, met with Kim Ki-hyun, the representative of the ruling party of the Korean ruling party "People's Power," and conveyed his intention to work to deepen the understanding of the people, stating that he "recognizes that there are voices of concern" regarding the plan to release treated water.

※ Kei is "sentence" Litto ga ozato
* Kim Ki-hyun (Kim Ki ● ) ● is "Fire hen ni gen"