China News Network, June 6 Comprehensive foreign media reported that on the 7th local time, British Prime Minister Sunak arrived in Washington, D.C., to officially launch a two-day visit trip.

Sunak's visit to the United States set three records – this is Sunak's first visit to Washington since taking office in October 2022; He will be the first British prime minister to speak at a business roundtable of CEOs of a major corporation across the United States; Seeking to play a "leading role" in the UK, he first proposed the creation of a "CERN project in the field of artificial intelligence".

Infographic: British Prime Minister Sunak.

Sunak is expected to meet with US President Joe Biden, members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and business leaders to discuss topics such as strengthening cooperation in research and development, investment, standards and norm-setting in key emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, and seeking to ensure a strong partnership between the United Kingdom and the United States in the face of the supply chain of vital goods and technology, responding to external threats at the economic level, and implementing the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States.

According to the British "Telegraph" newspaper, despite this work visit, Sunak was treated a state guest - staying at the Blair State Guesthouse.

The British Prime Minister's Office said that while in Washington, Sunak held a roundtable with the chairmen of the US Congress. On the 8th, he will speak at the Business Roundtable organized by CEOs of large American companies, becoming the first British prime minister to speak on this occasion.

Infographic: US President Joe Biden.

Later in the trip, Sunak will head to the White House and meet with Biden in the Oval Office. The White House said the two leaders would build on recent contacts to discuss a range of global issues, including support for Ukraine and strengthening energy security and addressing the climate crisis.

"As we face shared economic and national security challenges, the President and Prime Minister will discuss how to continue to strengthen our economic relationship." The two leaders will also discuss the situation in Northern Ireland because both sides are committed to upholding the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement (Belfast).

On the British side, British Prime Minister spokesman Max Bryan said that the visit is an opportunity to help the leaders of the two countries build on recent discussions and strengthen the level of cooperation between the two sides to address economic challenges. "These challenges are at stake for our future, including ensuring supply chain stability and transitioning to a zero-carbon economy."