The man is suspected of over 20 sexual offences involving nine plaintiffs. In addition to child pornography material that he allegedly created himself, he has also acquired other child pornography.

In several cases, the man allegedly filmed children abusively when they were on toilet visits.

"All offences relating to the exploitation of children for sexual posing or the depiction of child pornography offences have been committed at the man's workplace," says prosecutor Thomas Bergström.

Detained since March

The man has worked at the preschool in various roles for several years and has been in custody since March.

"We must now focus on what is our responsibility, to ensure that the preschool is a calm, fun and safe place for the children. It is important that everyone feels safe, children and educators, said Ainileena Niva, education manager in the city of Malmö, to SVT Nyheter Skåne in March.

American organization helped

The crimes must have been brought into the Swedish justice system through the American organization NCMEC, which works against the exploitation of children. According to prosecutor Thomas Bergström, it was necessary to identify the crimes.

"Without the report from NCMEC, the suspicions would not have come to light at all," says Thomas Bergström.

SVT Nyheter Skåne has sought the man's defense counsel for comment.