Umeå District Court sentenced the man to 14 years in prison for several serious sex crimes against children. But the Court of Appeal almost halved the sentence - to 8 years.

The man was convicted in the Court of Appeal of aggravated rape of a child, aggravated sexual abuse of a child, aggravated exploitation of a child for sexual posing and aggravated child pornography offences.

But one of the charges the Court of Appeal considered should be assessed as aggravated sexual abuse of children and not as aggravated rape of children.

According to that charge, the man had licked the child's anus while filming the abuse in order to spread the footage further.

Prosecutor: Sentence should be increased

The Prosecutor General now wants the Supreme Court to take up the case and try what should be assessed as rape of a child.

In August 2022, the legislation was amended to extend the concept of sexual intercourse to include and oral intercourse. The prosecutor believes that the punishment against the man should be significantly increased.

"In my opinion, it is important for the management of the legal practice that the Supreme Court examines whether the sexual act constitutes such a serious violation that it is comparable to sexual intercourse," says Prosecutor General Petra Lundh.