China's Ministry of Education released early warning information for the 2023 college entrance examination: integrity test Beware of being deceived

Beijing, June 6 (Reporter Gao Kai) The 4 college entrance examination will start, and on June 2023, the Ministry of Education of China released early warning information for the college entrance examination on its official website, reminding the majority of candidates to take the exam in good faith and beware of being deceived.

The Ministry of Education pointed out in the early warning information that the 2023 college entrance examination is approaching, and the majority of candidates are actively adjusting their status and preparing for the exam calmly and orderly, while some criminals are driven by economic interests to spread false information related to the exam, sell to create anxiety, and even commit fraud and induce candidates to cheat in the exam, seriously disrupting the order of exam admissions.

The Ministry of Education specifically listed five typical cases related to organizing college entrance examination cheating, substitute examinations, illegal carrying of mobile phones, false publicity by training institutions, and "occupying pits", solemnly reminding the majority of candidates and parents to be vigilant, beware of being deceived, and achieving integrity in the examination.

In the case of "avoiding security check with mobile phones", a candidate avoided the entrance security check during the college entrance examination in 2022, illegally brought his mobile phone into the examination room, and took the test paper after the test started and sent it to the QQ group to seek answers. According to the relevant regulations, non-compliant candidates are dealt with seriously.

The Ministry of Education reminds: In recent years, the Ministry of Education, together with relevant departments, has deployed a special treatment of mobile phone cheating in the college entrance examination, so that mobile phones "cannot be brought in", "cannot be used" and "cannot be passed out". During the college entrance examination, students from all over the country will strive for their dreams under standardized examination room and full video surveillance, and after the exam, the video recording of the examination room will also be played back and reviewed to determine whether each candidate has violated rules and disciplines. Candidates should consciously abide by the requirements of the rules of the examination room, obey the management of the examination staff, refuse to carry illegal and prohibited items such as mobile phones, and abide by the examination discipline.

The "Zhankeng Post" case said that after the 2022 college entrance examination mathematics subject test, some netizens posted some pictures of the test papers, which were suspected of leaking the test questions. After investigation by the public security organs, it was found that it was malicious editing of "pit posts". Before the exam, they publish irrelevant posts on relevant platforms to occupy seats, and then replace the original content with the content of the test paper after the test, and the post time is still displayed as before the start of the exam, resulting in the illusion of suspected leakage of questions before the exam. Another individual candidate posted on the Internet claiming to be "pre-exam questions", which also belonged to the "pit posting" maliciously edited after the test.

In this regard, lawyers and experts remind that if candidates maliciously publish such information, in addition to violating the discipline of the examination, they are also suspected of violating the law, and the circumstances are serious and will constitute a crime. If training institutions or other personnel defraud a large amount of public or private property by publishing "pit occupying posts" by publishing "pit posts", fictitious information that can obtain test questions or "real questions in bets" before the exam, it is suspected of constituting the crime of fraud. (End)