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On April 17, José Luis Martínez-Almeida turned 48 years old and it is possible that he now has the best horoscope of the month. The newly renewed mayor of Madrid is experiencing a moment of apogee after having achieved an absolute majority in the last elections. To his fortune in the political game is now added that of love. Something that was demonstrated last Sunday, June 4, when he went to the Plaza de Las Ventas accompanied by his first known partner. Ignoring the rumors of the past that related him to his partner of the Basque PP and current deputy, Bea Fanjul.

During the Corrida de la Prensa, the bullfighting ceremony that closes San Isidro, Almeida publicly presented Teresa Urquijo, a 26-year-old with whom he has been dating for some time. This weekend, the laying 9 of the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas witnessed the complicity between the mayor of the capital and his new girlfriend, whom he showed in society without any complex. The newspaper ABC then took the opportunity to give the scoop.

"The relationship is at the beginning, but they have never hidden," sources close to Teresa Urquijo's entourage reveal to LOC. About her, they say that she is "a good, smart and fun girl. With a very centered head despite his age." They also reveal that she is a discreet, simple and unaccustomed person to fame, so not even her group of friends knew that she maintained this relationship. "Only two very intimate women had knowledge."

Almeida and his girlfriend in the laying 9 of the Plaza de Toros de Las VentasGTRES

To date, Teresa Urquijo has led a practically monastic life. Where the only focus he monopolized was for his studies. Graduated in Law and Business Administration at ICADE, after taking courses in several foreign universities she practiced her financial profession in countries such as the Philippines, the United Kingdom or Mexico. Between 2016 and 2017, she had a job as an event organizer at TEDxUComillas in Madrid.

The following year, he went to London to take charge of the company Trilantic Capital Partners, contributing his knowledge of economics and law. Subsequently, she was hired by J.P. Morgan as an investment analyst. In 2019 he settled in Spain, becoming part of the Merlin Properties team, also as an investment analyst. In this company, dedicated to the business of real estate investment trusts, continues to date.

In his Linkedin account he describes that he speaks fluently three languages: Spanish, English and French. In this social network, she also shows her most supportive side, since between 2012 and 2016 she collaborated as a volunteer in the Hospitality of Lourdes in Madrid, performing social services. He has no known accounts on other social networks and prefers to keep a low profile.

Born in Madrid in 1996, her full name is Teresa Urquijo Moreno and she descends from a family of ancestry. Daughter of Beatriz Moreno and Borbón, from the less mediatic branch of the Borbón family, and Lucas Urquijo Fernández de Araoz, her mother owns the renowned Beatriz Moreno book binding school. For his part, his father was director of communication of the company Roche Farma, a leading and leading company in health, pharmacy, research and diagnosis.

Teresa Urquijo is distantly related to Don Juan Carlos. Her maternal grandmother is a cousin of the King and daughter of the Infanta of Spain and Duchess of Calabria, Alice of Bourbon-Parma. At 86, he breeds Arabian horses on his 24-hectare farm full of holm oaks from Colmenar Viejo. His grandfather on his mother's side, Íñigo Moreno de Arteaga, is the current Marquis of Laserna. Doctor in History from the Rey Juan Carlos University and Academic in this field, it has one of the most important collections of hunting books in Spain, which has 3,000 copies.

On her father's side, the young woman's family tree is also brimming with titles. His grandfather on his father's side is Jaume Urquijo y Chacón, knight of the Sacred and Military Constantinian Order of San Jorge and former president of Energy and Aragonese Industries. His grandmother, Carmen Fernández de Araoz Marañón, granddaughter of the doctor and scientist Gregorio Marañón, is the granddaughter of the prestigious doctor Gregorio Marañón, who gives his name to the best-known hospital in Madrid.

Almeida's new partner has a younger brother named Juan Urquijo, 25, who was also in the news. During the summer of 2017 he was romantically related to Victoria Federica when both were seen on Madrid's Gran Vía. At that time, there was talk that the daughter of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar had a new illusion. But the only thing they shared was a good friendship, dating from their years as classmates at St. George de la Moraleja school, as well as family roots... Of course, not very close or worrisome.

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