Wuxi, 6 June (ZXS) -- Topic: Taiwan Qing Xie Mingjing: Riding the "train" of rapid development on the mainland wants to become a century-old store

China News Agency reporter Sun Quan

"Many Taiwanese friends come to Wuxi to play, and they always ask me to recommend attractions, but I don't know how to recommend them. Because as a local, most of them don't visit local attractions. A few days ago, when asked by a reporter from the China News Agency how to recommend Wuxi, Jiangsu to a friend, Taiqing Xie Mingjing replied in a "first-person" ridicule.

Xie Mingjing regards Wuxi as his second hometown. As the "second generation of Taiwan", Xie Mingjing, born in 1977, officially "took over" Xinmai Machinery (China) Co., Ltd., founded by his fathers, last year and became the general manager. Right now, the company is going public.

Xie Mingjing said frankly that this is due to the good development environment of the mainland and the foundation laid by the fathers, "The market is developing so fast, our development is smooth, and we can keep up." In his view, "the company is riding the 'train' of the rapid development of the mainland." ”

Xie Mingjing's father went to Wuxi with a friend to start a business in 1994. "I have the impression that there was only one old factory building, and the factory was surrounded by farmland. Customers come to eat and drive to Wuxi City, and the road conditions are not good. Pointing to the wide two-way six-lane in front of the door, Xie Mingjing recalled that there was only one country road in front of the factory at that time.

Xie Mingjing said that he came to Wuxi in the past, purely with the mentality of tourism, and did not think about taking over at that time. In 2004, Tse joined the family business, starting as a grassroots employee. "Our company integrates the research and development, production, sales and service of commercial baking equipment, and the equipment produced is used in the complete production process and sales display of various baked goods such as bread, toast, cake, cookies, and pastries." After working in his own factory for many years, Xie Mingjing has a lot of treasures about the use and sales of factory products.

"Our early products were mainly exported. With the development of the mainland economy and the improvement of people's living standards, this situation has changed, and domestic sales have become the mainstream. In 2021, our sales will be nearly 9 million yuan, of which the mainland market will reach 5 million yuan. Xie Mingjing said that from the perspective of the global market, the baking industry is growing, but the growth rate of the mainland market is particularly high.

Xie Mingjing analyzed that the weight of baked goods consumed by European countries per capita exceeds 50 kg per year; The country with the highest indicator in the Asian region is Japan with about 24.8 kg. "The weight of baked goods consumed per capita on the mainland is currently 7.3 kilograms per year. In the future, the baked goods consumer market still has a lot of room for growth. ”

Talking about the company at the helm, Xie Mingjing sighed a lot. "My father went to Wuxi to set up a business when he was in his 40s. Last year I successfully 'took over', also in my 40s. Next year will be the 30th year that enterprises have taken root in the mainland. Standing on the foundation of my father's career, I am determined to make the company better, with the goal of building a century-old store. (End)