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Pap Ndiaye will receive this Monday afternoon the family of the young Lindsay, 13 years old, who committed suicide in May because of the school bullying she suffered at the school. The Minister of Education had acknowledged that his suicide was "a collective failure".

Education Minister Pap Ndiaye will receive Monday afternoon the family of 13-year-old Lindsay, who committed suicide in May after being bullied at school. Pap Ndiaye had acknowledged Thursday that "the death of Lindsay, his suicide" was "a collective failure", "a tragedy for his relatives, for the National Education and for the country, as for the suicide of any young person".

He had also assured to follow "personally" the file of the suicide of the girl. Questioned on BFMTV that day, the minister had replied that he had, until then, not been able to contact the family of the teenager. On Monday, he will receive Lindsay's family on rue de Grenelle in Paris, the Ministry of Education confirmed to AFP, after press reports.

Concrete measures requested

"We are waiting for the minister to show us that he has become aware of the degree of seriousness of this human tragedy and beyond, the scourge of school bullying that plagues all colleges in France," said Pierre Debuisson, lawyer for Lindsay's family. He hopes this will not be a "façade posture". "We want it to be accompanied by concrete, pragmatic measures to curb this phenomenon," he said.

"The state must not continue to remain powerless and close its eyes", "the denial of the scale of this disaster must stop", he added, adding that the family would speak at the end of the meeting.

Three complaints were filed against the management of the college

Three complaints were filed against the management of the college, the academy of Lille and the police officers in charge of the investigation for "non-assistance to person in danger", had detailed Thursday Me Debuisson at a press conference in Vendin-le-Vieil (Pas-de-Calais), where the schoolgirl was schooled.

A fourth targets the social network Facebook "completely flawed" in terms of content moderation and the fight against "hate speech", according to the lawyer, denouncing the continuation of harassment against Lindsay, especially on Instagram. "With other ministries we will consult and act extremely firmly with regard to social networks because beyond what they can say, we know that their reaction is too slow and certainly not up to what we expect from them," the minister said Thursday.