It was in mid-May that an apartment building on Hertsön burned down. The fire was the sixth in this type of building since 2003.

After the fire, criticism was directed at Lulebo about what was perceived as a lack of preventive measures to prevent more fires.

See no need for action

This view is not shared by the municipal real estate company. Lulebo is awaiting the investigation of the fire, but does not currently see any need for action on the properties.

"The emergency services also carry out inspections on our properties. Should they see something, they tell us and we'll fix it. But that hasn't happened yet, no rebuilding is warranted at present," says Eva Holmberg.

"Sorry if people feel insecure"

Regarding the criticism from those who have received replacement apartments in similar buildings, Lulebo is only pleased that the process went away.

– We are so pleased that we managed to solve it at all in such a short time. Then it is sad if people feel insecure, but they have been able to keep their queue times and have the opportunity to apply for new apartments, says Eva Holmberg.

In the clip you hear more of Lulebo's response to the criticism.