Israeli media on Monday published what they said was the photo and identity of the Egyptian policeman who carried out the al-Awja attack on the Egyptian-Israeli border that killed three Israeli soldiers last Saturday.

"The Egyptian who carried out the attack on the border is Mohamed Salah, 22, from Cairo," the state-run Israel Broadcasting Corporation said, attaching a photo of him.

Several websites and channels also circulated a photo of the Egyptian policeman, while there was no immediate comment from the Egyptian side on this matter, nor could it be possible to verify the authenticity of the photo or the identity of its owner from an independent source.

Israel Broadcasting Corporation: Egypt has requested the return of the body of the policeman who carried out the attack and is expected to be transferred to them soon #Al Jazeera

— Al Jazeera Palestine (@AJA_Palestine) June 5, 2023

Earlier, Israel's public broadcaster reported that Israel was still holding the body of the attacker. She said the Israeli authorities were preparing to hand over the body to the Egyptian authorities in the coming days.

On Sunday, Israeli media published the results of a preliminary investigation by the Israeli army into the attack, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials in his government described as serious.

השוטר המצרי שביצע את הפיגוע בגבול – מוחמד סלאח, בן 22 מקהיר. בשומר חומות הוא העלה פוסט שבו כתב "אללה עומד לצד פלסטין", לצד התיוג "עזה תחת מתקפה"@GalAharonovich

— כאן חדשות (@kann_news) June 5, 2023

The first results of the investigation showed that the Egyptian policeman, planned each step in advance and knew the area well, including the observation post where two of the three soldiers were killed, by virtue of his work as a border guard.

The investigation also found that the perpetrator of the attack walked at night within 5 kilometers of his position in Egyptian territory and penetrated about one and a half kilometers into Israeli territory before killing the two soldiers (a male and a female soldier) at dawn, then clashing the same afternoon with an Israeli force and killing a third soldier before being killed.