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Ping-pong matches are part of the essential summer activities, just like petanque or Molki. In your garden or with friends, it is always pleasant to meet around a game of table tennis. But how to choose your ping-pong table? Here is our selection.


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*Ping, pong, ping, pong* The soft sound of this little orange ball bouncing is an integral part of the soundscape of our summers. And for good reason, table tennis is a highly appreciated activity in France, for young and old. This sport in its own right, born at the end of the nineteenth century in the bourgeoisie in England, has spread widely throughout the world over the centuries. To become one of the most taught sports in French schools. Fun and easy to learn, we can play alone against a wall, one against one, as a team and even a dozen thanks to the "rotating" system. In playgrounds, at home or outside, ping-pong can be practiced everywhere because it does not require much equipment: a small racket, a ball and a table obviously. If the latter can be replaced by a simple board, it is however more pleasant to be able to play on a real ping-pong table. How to choose it correctly? To guide you, we offer a selection of five products according to your expectations.


  • The mini table tennis JOOLA, for small spaces
  • The Table Tennis Table S500o Dione, to play (also) solo
  • The outdoor and indoor table tennis table Kettler K1, the resistant
  • The Pro 510 Outdoor Cornilleau table, the professional
  • The Relaxdays table midday ping-pong table, to carry everywhere with you

Our selection of 5 table tennis tables

The mini table tennis JOOLA, for small spaces

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You want to have a ping-pong table but you have little space? The JOOLA mini table is made for you! Very ergonomic, you can take it out and store it easily. With its dimensions of 90 cm x 45 cm x 76 cm, it is small enough to sneak everywhere, even in the living room of your apartment or why not on your balcony. Fully foldable on itself and weighing only 7 kg, it is also easy to store in your closets. In addition, it comes with its set of posts and net, but without the rackets. Made of plastic, it is quite strong. To sum up, it is a functional product and designed for small spaces, so ideal for children or people who do not want to play table tennis every day. Note, this product also exists in green.



The table tennis table S500o Dione, to play (also) solo

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The S500o table from Dione is a quality ping-pong table for outdoors. Its dimensions are up to the standards of real sports tables used during competitions, i.e. 274 cm x 152.5 cm x 76 cm. It is therefore a large tray requiring a sufficiently large space to install and play around. Weighing 55 kg, it must be firmly fixed to the ground thanks to its front feet, but can move easily using the eight wheels attached to the central feet. Another advantage: you can play solo on this ping-pong table! Indeed, both sides of the tray are foldable perpendicularly, forming a wall against which you can practice. So perfect your game with this table, to come first in ping-pong tournaments with friends this summer. And if you don't want to leave the table outside year-round, you can fold it up entirely and store it in your garage.


The outdoor and indoor table tennis table Kettler K1, the resistant

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Kettler is a German brand known and internationally recognized for the quality of its sports equipment. With the K1 ping-pong table, you are sure to have a qualitative product on your terrace. Its melamine resin top and powder coated frame made with stainless materials, make this table particularly strong and resistant to shocks and climatic hazards such as rain. Points that guarantee it for ten years! In addition, if it is in the regulatory dimensions (274 cm x 152.5 cm x 76 cm), it can be stored easily because it is foldable in half and mounted on wheels to facilitate travel. Solo or with others, you can play with as many people as you want in the best conditions. The little extra: the posts of the net are decorated with supports for rackets and balls. No need to spend a lot of time remembering where you put them, they will be at hand to start a game immediately!


The Pro 510 Outdoor Cornilleau table, the professional

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With the Cornilleau brand, you type in the high-end of table tennis equipment. This French brand specializing in small-racket sports born in 1946 in the Oise, is one of the world leaders in this sector and often has the opportunity to sponsor international competitions. And for good reason, their equipment is ultra-efficient, functional and robust and the Pro 510 outdoor table is no exception. With its pretty lines, it has been designed in a 60mm steel that is protected from corrosion and scratches. For its part, the top is made of mattified gray laminated resin and completely permeable. You will therefore have no worries during bad weather or wind because the table weighs no less than 77 kg and can be immobilized on the ground. Its net is made of steel and treated so as not to suffer corrosion. Another advantage: with this table, safety is required because the corners of the tray are equipped with protective pads. So you can the little ones run around the table without fear. And for nothing to take away from this product, it is also equipped with ball dispensers on both sides of the tray!


The Relaxdays table midday ping-pong table, to carry everywhere with you

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Are you going camping this summer? Remember to take your ping-pong table Relaxdays! This tray of 150 cm x 71 cm x 67 cm is particularly practical because it closes in a briefcase with a handle so that it can be stored and transported easily. In addition, its feet are adjustable by 3 cm and independently in order to best adapt to the ground on which you are going to open it. Designed in wood and metal, the table is both stable and quite light considering it weighs 17 kg. Delivered with the net, two rackets and three balls, you can use it directly after reception! So don't wait any longer, set up your ping pong table in your garden, garage or take it with you on an excursion and have fun with friends or family!


What is the difference between table tennis and table tennis?

Table tennis and table tennis are exactly the same. But if table tennis is the official name to define the sport, ping-pong is one of the first terms created to designate it. Although it is difficult to date in time, it would have been born in the Far East at the end of the nineteenth century and would have come from the contraction of the two onomatopoeias "ping" and "pong" according to the noises made by the ball against the table and the racket. In addition, at the beginning of the twentieth century, it became a registered trademark of the American John Jacques of Croydon.

Table tennis at the Olympic Games

Table tennis became an Olympic practice in 1988. Since then, China has been the reference nation at the competition, with no less than 60 medals won in total, including 32 gold. For comparison, South Korea, the second Olympic nation in table tennis, has 18 medals with 3 gold! France, on the other hand, is tied for ninth in the ranking with Hong Kong and Yugoslavia. If we do not have big stars today as in Asia, the young table tennis player Alexis Lebrun is to be watched closely. At the age of 19, he is already a two-time France champion and managed to eliminate world number one Fan Zhendong in the quarterfinals of the WTT tournament in Macau, the world championships. If he was dismissed afterwards, he remains a strong opponent for the heads of the world ranking. Story to follow.

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