It was half past six on Monday morning that the alarm about the fire came, which reportedly may have started in a rubbish bin. The fire occurred in a three-storey building on Karlskronavägen in Ronneby and spread to the façade of the house.

The fire is not under control – during the morning it is still burning with open flames from the property. Heavy smoke rises from the house and emergency services are on the scene to fight the fire.

– I expect that we will be here all day and probably have surveillance during the night as well, says rescue leader Claes Nicklasson.

Classified as aggravated arson

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, but the police suspect that the fire is arson – the case is now initially classified as suspected aggravated arson.

Reportedly, no person should have had to seek medical care.

On Monday morning, the police announced that a man in his 60s has been arrested, suspected of starting the fire in Ronneby.

According to SVT's sources, the arrest took place inside the police station – where the man had come to collect a passport.

"I can confirm that it was a completely undramatic arrest, but at this time I do not want to answer where or how it happened," said Thomas Johansson, police spokesman.